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10 things to never do a wedding!

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Laugh out loud during the ceremony, come with friends not invited, so many things to avoid to not spoil the ceremony! has listed for us 10 misstep never to do a wedding.

Weddings? You love! However, there are two or three things to avoid in order not to resend the ceremony and invite you also to the next! To do this, asked Tatiana Byron, founder of The Wedding Salon, list the 10 things to avoid at all costs!

1. Do not drink too much and check your blood alcohol level throughout the evening.

At every wedding, the champagne flows and you can not resist the rustling of bubbles. Caution, however, is monitored his blood alcohol level to not end up in the middle of twerck-laws Mathilde your friend, who is likely if not blame you for many years.

2. Do not be late.

It's like everywhere, being late is never a good point. Well, at a wedding, it's worse: you may interrupt the speeches of the family or to distract the couple no longer manage to remember their vows.

3. Do not come along if you were not warned of it!

If you answered, you were still single. Since you met Jacques, beautiful brown ultra-bright smile. Unfortunately, it is not enough to come with him to the ceremony!

10 things to never do a wedding!

4. Avoid taking pictures throughout the ceremony.

This is a tip for you and a service for married: do not try to photograph every minute of the ceremony. First, there are professionals who are paid to do, then your back shots or against-diving Mathilde your friend is not what can be called the "memories".

5. Remember to respond before the deadline of RSVP.

Much that is not very serious to forget to respond to a Facebook event or other informal invitation. By cons for a wedding, it's very important. The risk if you forget? Not to find your name on the seating plan.

6. Do not change your position and follow the seating plan!

We can assume that end up at the same table as Didier your high school sweetheart and his new conquest, not joy! But you say that if Mathilde chose to place you there, that she had good reasons, and it is better that than to share his table with over 80 years who do not hear the bass of pregnant just behind them.

10 things to never do a wedding!

7. Leave your servers tender champagne

Since you are a child, you love the game of removing a part of a tower without making it fall. That's good. By cons, do not try the experiment with the champagne ready and mountain by a professional, you could destroy everything in a snap.

8. Avoid the big white dress or waders

There are two or three fashion faux pas to avoid at a wedding: we try not to be in total white look not to overshadow the bride. It also avoids the Nabilla look in Miami, with mini dress and thigh.

9. Do not talk or laugh during the ceremony!

This advice is more common sense than anything else: it is not chatting during the ceremony, even to tell the cousin of the bride how her hair is pretty. And in case of laughter, it discreetly spell or is biting hard cheeks.

10. Whatever your mood, By displaying your best smile

A marriage more than elsewhere, it leaves its everyday worries aside and shows his best smile. First, because the photographers are likely to strafe you from all angles, and also because it would be inappropriate to sulk while this is the most important day in the life of Matilda, and you do not like to be one that striker. Is not it?

Thank you to Tatiana Byron, founder of The Wedding Salon


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