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2013 Social Conference: what is expected by the unions

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2013 Social Conference: what is expected by the unions

Union leaders (Jean-Claude Mailly, Thierry Lepaon, Laurent Berger) and employer (Jean-François Roubaud) are all gathered this Tuesday, June 18, Porte Maillot in Paris for the opening of Planet Lounge SMEs.


Two days from the Social Conference, union leaders are gathered this Tuesday, June 18, Porte Maillot in Paris for the opening of Planet Lounge SMEs. A round table where the lines diverge, and where we recognized from the near unanimity that in one year, "the climate has changed." Main statements.

On pensions ...

Jean-François Roubaud (CGPME), "The Moreau report is a catalog of proposals I have a lock on the increase in contributions Companies can not..!"

Carole Couvert (CFE-CGC): "We must think of a way to switch part of the contributions on VAT." In other words, back to a social VAT.

Thierry Lepaon (CGT): "Social Conference is a dialogue, not a negotiation I note that the proposals that have been made ​​are not present in the Moreau report in the government's toolbox there.. has an anvil and hammer. And in between, employees and retirees. "

Laurent Berger (CFDT): "We expect to see the government's proposals Today we have an unequal system there will be no reform of the name if it does not address the issue of onerous It's... a red line for the CFDT. "

Jean-Claude Mailly (FO): "We do not accept the principle of lengthening contribution Tell a generation that will have to work 44 years, it's not acceptable.".

The representativeness in SMEs ...

Laurent Berger (CFDT): "There is no taboo subject but the basic philosophy is to ask whether the representativeness of trade unions in SMEs is a constraint or an opportunity Employees of VSE / SMEs.? quite capable of representing their colleagues. "

Jean-Claude Mailly (FO):.. "Everybody knows in the SOHO / SME bosses who bring the unions in a business feel to bring the wolf in sheep but instead is a dialogue opportunity for the company. Since 2008 it is an obstacle course to get a union in a company. Today we have isolated unionized, these behaviors must change. "

Vocational Training ...

Thierry Lepaon (SGC) "Private jobs are as qualified as those in office. This is a misconception. I also think that there is a vagueness about the amounts of money available. We have a tool called AFPA and is underutilized. I am shocked. "

Climate before the Social Conference ...

Jean-Claude Mailly (FO): "In one year the situation has not settled I'm not sure this is a social conference, which has a high mass side, which can solve the problems.. "

Thierry Lepaon (CGT): "We respond to a government order This is not an initiative of the social partners Besides, it's not the Great Social Conference, it became the Social Conference..."

Laurent Berger (CFDT): "Yes sure, the climate has changed and besides, I am delighted that the CGPME organizes opening of this show [SME Planet] a round table with key union leaders because I remember. In 2010, you opened the show wearing a badge 'No unions in SMEs ".

Jean-François Roubaud (CGPME): "We really need to lower the cost of labor margins of our businesses are low, there is less wealth in the business and it feels on employment.."


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