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A former SDF demand € 1 million to François-Marie Banier for false accusation

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A former SDF demand € 1 million to François-Marie Banier for false accusation

French photographer Francois-Marie Banier Takes pictures DURING a demonstration with private and public sector workers over pension Reforms in Paris October 12, 2010. French unions geared up for more protest strikes this week over pension Reforms Planned as the second of two key clauses of a bill to raise the retirement age Was Rushed through the Senate. Striking transportation workers Will disrupt rail and air travel and protesters Will clog streets in the fifth wave of protest actions over French government? S push to make people work along for a full pension to help ease a chronic deficit in France's pay-as-you- go pension system. REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes (FRANCE - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT)


A former SDF asked Tuesday to Paris court to order the François-Marie Banier photographer who assigns homophobic during an altercation at a million euros in damages for false accusation.

July 2, 2011, the paths of Michel Baldy, then homeless, and François-Marie Banier, one of the main protagonists of the case Bettencourt, cross on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. The first fact sleeve, cup hanging from his fishing rod, the second immortalized with his camera.

Thinking given the pace of François-Marie Banier it was a British tourist, SDF had asked him in English to delete photos, which he had refused. According to Michel Baldy, François-Marie Banier would be called a "tramp". According to the photographer, her recalcitrant model allegedly made homophobic insults and threats. but everyone denies the remarks attributed to him the other.

A vitriolic portrait Banier

"He insulted me, I slapped him," said Michel Baldy, "I feel violated," the camera lens to fifty centimeters or a meter from him. Michel Baldy was found in November 2011, but exempt from punishment for that slap. He had not been prosecuted for the remarks attributed to him the photographer. A complaint against Michel Baldy Banier for false accusation had been no further action, but the former SDF sued directly in court.

Raillant in Banier "considerable personality who owes his fortune to his talent," the lawyer of the former SDF now caretaker, Mr. Nicolay Fakiroff, relied on clippings Press drawing a vitriolic portrait photographer to try to convince the judges that "Baldy said that is very likely."

"One million euros to the extent of arrogance" Banier

The milion euros it claims is "the measure of arrogance" of the photographer and the way his client, "picturesque figure of the roundabout of the Champs Elysees, lived" this unforgettable scene. "" We are not here to come tell stories about that would be Mr. Banier "retorted his lawyer Laurent Merlet, noting that" for 40 years, "his client photograph people in the street", "on the fly".

His client, who was absent at the hearing, got "12 right of reply" and "15 court sentences" on press reports, said the lawyer. Above all, he stressed that the court did "not a shred" of evidence that the statements of his client are false. In addition, for the offense that is alleged to be made, the information must be spontaneous, which according to him is not the case.

Advocating the release, Mr. Michel Merlet estimated that Baldy was "a little exploited in this procedure." The deliberate was set for 10 September.

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