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A hug against a can of Coca-Cola

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A hug against a can of Coca-Cola

A student makes a hug to a Coca-Cola distributor for a can.

Screenshot / Youtube

A hug in exchange for a drink, here are the latest blow marketing Coca-Cola. The Atlanta brand installed in a University of Singapore distributor cans of a new kind. To delight of a soda, no need to insert money, simply hugging the machine. The campaign called "Hug Me" recycles, to reiterate, the fashion of the "free hug", which dates back to 2007 still in France.

Here, "Coca-Cola is positioning itself as an ally non-threatening for young people," said Anthony Wing Kosner, content strategist, in Forbes magazine. A nice spin that almost makes you forget the confirmation in early March that the recipe for Coca-Cola consisted of some carcinogenic ingredients.

2.9 billion invested in advertising in 2010

Nevertheless, Coca-Cola does not skimp on the means when it comes to marketing: in 2010, the company has spent at least $ 2.9 billion on advertising reports the site.

The US giant is no stranger to this kind of happening around her "happiness machine". In May 2011, it had installed a giant retailer in a shopping mall in the United States delivering two bottles for the price of one:

In Turkey, still in 2011, the couples detector distributor for Healthy Valentine attracted the curious:

Like the machine that offered besides bottles in 2010 in India:

Or the United States, with a giant sandwich as a jackpot:

Also discover the distributor Lego, or truck distributor in Brazil, other operations com 'well conducted by the brand.

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