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A new anti-paperwork plan for businesses

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A new anti-paperwork plan for businesses

The report of the MP Thierry Mandon on administrative simpification for companies was presented Monday 1 July in Bercy.

The Express

This is the famous "shock simplification" promised by Fran├žois Hollande.

In its report on "collaborative simplification", presented to the Ministers of Economy and State Reform, Pierre Moscovici and Marylise Lebranchu, as well as the Minister for SMEs Fleur Pellerin, MP Thierry Mandon identified "eleven times in the company's life" for which he proposed to "concentrate the effort" through "surgical strikes".

200 companies interviewed

Thierry Mandon said it had "interviewed more than 200 companies" and also "dissected foreign experiences."

For each of these "moments" (create or acquire a business, respond to tenders for public contracts, comply with the accounting and tax obligations, import and export, etc.), the report lists the precise measurements. It sets a three-year timetable for their implementation between 2014 and 2016.

Simplify and reduce costs by 80%

The MP assured that corporate simplification needs were known to have been multiple reports for many years. "These are not ideas that are lacking in some way there too," he quipped, "it is to order it all, prioritize it all."

He therefore insisted on the establishment of a new "method", which this three-year program with "planned targets" wants translation.

Evaluation of the Court of Auditors

According to him, a "single control, as close to the prime minister" shall direct the program to "remove 80% of the complexity associated business costs and lengthy procedures while simplifying the work of the government."

In addition, the Court of Auditors shall annually assess "the effectiveness of the action plan" to implement the three-year program. The President Hollande announced in the spring a "clash of simplification" supposed to improve the competitiveness of France.

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