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Absolute foam L'Oréal: "My curls are back and brightened my face!"

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Absolute foam L'Oréal: "My curls are back and brightened my face!"

L'Oréal Moss Absolute


We have all our strengths and weaknesses. In my case, one of them is the ultimate in laziness when it comes to reading a manual.

Although I have a bac + 5, I sometimes bake a aluminum tray in a microwave oven, because I have not read the manual, and I mistakenly left the Yet notorious incompatibility between the two elements.

Still, the colos and me, it does not do much. Oh, I love change heads - or sometimes just having a little something extra that makes little difference. But I love it even more when it's someone else (like the hairdresser) makes me. But when I saw the new colo L'Oréal in foam format, I did not hesitate.

First, this brand reminds me of memories, remembering what qu'utilisait my mother since I was old enough to understand. I have the idea of ​​a serious brand, with hindsight, and whose promises are kept.

And above all, the foam. As easy to apply a styling product? The promise was worth a test

Step 1:. The instructions Eternal faignasse failed to turn around but was immediately felt good when she read: it does there's simply place the diffuser, gloves, and go ahead ! No mixing, no drips everywhere, no smell (my husband warmly thanks all the R & D team by the way), no dosage. You shake 20 times and talk about it more. You can also count at Twitter: after 10 tweets, you stop.

Then you apply - anything on the ground or on your clothes or in the sink or on the outline of the hair, nickel. I loved the black gloves, btw it's a little beauty-serial-killer:-). You do not forget any part of your hair, piece of cake, and you can even leave some for next time. Just put the plug on the product and voila.

Can you waiting. Big change: Before, I was confined, quarantined limit in the bathroom. Why? Because you super strong sense of course! No one can stand you in less than 20 meters ... And then? And then you live your life. The danger, it's just that you're so cool that you forget that you should wait 30 minutes.

Then you rinses (fastoche) and you apply what we like almost all in the colo: the super care color enhancer that makes them ultra shiny. It's almost the colo just for him, this miraculous care, except that often, manufacturers are super stingy. Here, it was worth at least 6 times. It's nice!

The result is clean. No brol attitude in the bathroom, no family trauma, beautiful reflections in the color I have chosen: a little warm and slightly auburn. Nothing fundamentally changed, just something extra that a face brightens the complexion a little bland by the end of this long winter. And any collateral I had not planned at all: my Krollekes comeback! It's been awhile since I had not seen my curls in such a force! This is the loop powaaaa!

So when you join in?

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