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Accused of abuse are wrong, they recover their twins

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Accused of abuse are wrong, they recover their twins

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Just in time for Christmas. Accused of abuse are wrong, the Isère parents have been stripped of their twins for three months before finally being bleached by the Criminal Court of Grenoble, will we learned this Friday from legal sources. They recovered could get their children last week.

"It took three months before the return of their children. I find it incredible," gets mad Joëlle Vernay, lawyer Jean-Marie and Sabrina Ibanez, a couple living in Rives (Isère).

In mid-September, Jean-Marie Ibanez, 42-year electrician, had been accused of abuse of his son Maxime, who was three months, who suffered a fractured femur.

Placed on guard 48 hours to view it had been referred to the criminal court for voluntary abuse of a minor and his twin placed in a nursery of the Grenoble area, pending judgment.

The prosecution had made this investment decision because "there was a real danger of circumstances of the child" with a "worrying gap" and "a lot of contradictions," the father said the deputy prosecutor of Grenoble, Olivier Nagabbo.

"A long fight that has cost"

Jean-Marie Ibanez had indeed not immediately recognized that her child had slipped from his hand while giving him a bath, for fear that his wife makes him blame.

In addition, a medical expert considered that the child's injuries could only be due to voluntary facts.

"It's true that it was suspect. It is normal to have made a report to the judge for child but not normal at all that the investigation was sloppy like that," denounces me Vernay.

The twins were eventually returned to their parents last week, after further medical examinations and a thorough investigation.

"This has been a long fight that was very expensive as we had making private expertise," according to Mr. Vernay.

On Wednesday, the Criminal Court acquitted Jean-Marie Ibanez the benefit of the doubt. The prosecutor said he would not appeal this decision.

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