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Air Serenity purifies indoor air

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Air Serenity purifies indoor air

The start-up Air Serenity has developed an innovative system that purifies indoor air by capturing harmful particles. The product will be marketed in 2013.


Aware of the dangers and pollution of urban air, many people forget that the atmosphere contains the home, too, harmful particles.

To fight against this enemy within, the young company Air Serenity has developed a monitoring solution and clean air. "What we breathe in our homes or our offices and often ten to twenty times more polluted than outside, reveals Joseph Youssef, 30, co-founder of the company Air Serenity. A room is infested with organic compounds volatile particles or bacteria from paint or furniture. Pollutants that cause allergies and against which we invented a solution. "

Karcheriser pollutants

The weapon Air Serenity? A cartridge 60 centimeters high which filters the air. Inside, "sponges", porous materials, remove pollutants which are then destroyed by a plasma shot. "They are sort karcherisés, to borrow a term used by a former president," joked former PhD student in physics.

After a development project within Incuballiance incubator linked to public research on the Saclay plateau, Air Serenity officially launched in July 2012 and is now dedicated to the industrialization of this first product. Freshly crowned during the competition Créacc this young start-up will offer two offers.
"The first is for professionals who install air conditioning and one we would add our service, explains the boss of this young company. And the second for individuals because, for the moment, there are no viable solution on the market. "

1000 euros sensor

In negotiations with the industry, the price to be defined. However, for individuals who wish to equip an air skimmer, rechargeable system will cost - when it will be released on the website of Air Serenity - 1000 euros. "The cartridges are refillable and reusable, said Joseph Youssef.

The company employs three people at the moment - technical profiles only - but Joseph Youssef intends to recruit sales to accompany the launch of the product. A fundraiser is planned for the third quarter 2013.

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