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Airbus: why the contract was signed at the Elysee

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Airbus: why the contract was signed at the Elysee

Airbus won the largest contract in the aeronautical history Monday, 234 A320 operated by the Indonesian carrier Lion Air for € 18.4 billion, a success hailed by François Hollande who opportunely guided its signature with the golds of Elysee.


This is a first. Never a contract between Airbus and a totally private customer - in this case, Lion Air, Indonesia's held by Kirana brothers - had been signed at the Elysee. Monday, March 18, at 11 am, Rusdi Kirana was entitled to t the hall for buying it is true a record number of aircraft to Airbus. A firm order for 234 copies (four more than Boeing in February 2012!).

Certainly, before Holland, Sarkozy and Chirac had also benefited from the windfall that represents in terms of com 'these mega-contracts so good for employment and foreign trade. But it was then intervening signatures during an official trip (Sarkozy in India), in the context of state-to-state negotiations (when China buys aircraft for its companies) or when the client company is the armed wing of a country (for example, when Qatar Airways signed at the Elysee a Memorandum of Understanding for 80 A350 in 2007). Rusdi Kirana has not the weight of the Emir of Qatar, and yet ...

The Elysee has nothing to do with the contract

At the Elysee, it says it is Airbus that has requested the President to give the signing of this contract all the historic significance it deserves. Soliciting, serendipity, was much appreciated, as we begin the week of the industry as well sluggish economy. François Hollande did not hide his pleasure, involving four ministers (Arnaud Montebourg, Bernard Cazeneuve, Frédéric Cuvillier and Kader Arif ... but heck had just done the Minister for Veterans in this story?), To celebrate "Airbus, pillar of our economy, and France, the only country in the world with the United States to have a complete aviation industry. " But the Elysee must admit: Presidency counts for nothing in the conclusion of this record contract, the result of three years of hard work in Airbus sellers who have managed to convince Lion Air hitherto exclusive customer Boeing to acquire A 320. Fabrice Brégier, the boss of Airbus, as promising to honor a new customer with a reception worthy of a head of state can not refuse. Incidentally, this allows to publicly thank Paris for his unwavering support to Airbus when Berlin is dragging its feet on refundable advances for the A350.

In Toulouse this afternoon, Lion Air boss will be hosted by Airbus 320 companions. Rusdi Kirana and Kusnan, whose fortune was estimated in late 2012 at 900 million dollars by Forbes (they are among the 40 richest Indonesians) are partners in care: in addition to Lion Air, which owns more than half of the local domestic market they just created Malindo Airways to go cross swords in Malaysia with Air Asia (another big customer for Airbus in Asia) and Batik Air for business customers. "We need at least 500 aircraft in the next ten years," Kirana launched at the Elysee ... For the record, the real contract was signed Friday, March 15 ... in Asia.

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