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All the spirit of Britain in four islands

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All the spirit of Britain in four islands

Raz in Finistere.

REUTERS / Mal Langsdon

Belle-Ile, the most natural

One believes overrun with people, while cultivating his land. The anti-bling island.

Anchored well away from everyday emergencies, here's Belle-Ile. String of beads blond and gray cliffs, mosaic of pasture, soon covered moors minifleurs pink and blue and valleys extending narrow estuaries. Second French island after Corsica, Sentinel of the Atlantic remained close to the sea, earth and wind. Walk the rocky edge of Foals, when humanity bumps to violent elements. Or take Flaubert as the key fields to hear once in tall grass beating the great sound of the ocean. More than a century after the time Sarah Bernhardt, the island still offers the "sense of isolation and loneliness" described in the song Voulzy. Apart siren authorized wholesale tumbling ferry in the harbor as a transatlantic, nothing seems to really blur the tranquility of the Palace, microcapitale capped its Vauban citadel. Libraries with real books, beer raw, everything contributes to that, even in the remotest pancake, buckwheat smells good spray. A beautiful island and his lucky star.

How to get there?

A Auray, shuttle train (in summer) to Quiberon on Crossing from Quiberon, 17.25 euros one way, 84.35 euros one car between 35 and 45 minutes, the ocean Company 0-820-056-156,

Where to stay

Castle Bordeneo

Family house outside of the Palace and its five suites and guest rooms elegantly decorated. Luxurious details (pool, park), attentive hospitality. From 140 euros per night with breakfast.

Rens .: 02-97-31-80-77.

Where lunch, dinner?

At Renee

In two small rooms, the paradise of buckwheat pancakes and must, the "corner of goat cheese." 20 euros.

21, Sarah Bernhardt Street, Bangor, 02-97-31-52-87.

The tour of the island sailing

On Saturday, May 7, 2011 will be held in La Trinité-sur-Mer the 4th edition of the Tour de Belle-Ile. This event (including L'Express is a partner), created in 2008 by Eol agency welcomes all types of sailboats larger than 6.50 meters. Combining professional racing, seasoned racers and amateurs, this event brings together the boats around a course in the Bay of Quiberon and Belle-Ile-en-Mer.

Rens. and registration:

Ouessant, the most extreme

Windswept, the "claw" is spectacularly beautiful.

We love this raw stone, advanced extremes. The current Fromveur crossed, huge wringer known across oceans, Stiff port appears, with its pier always offered the worst anger. Walk towards the tip of Pern Nividic the lighthouse stands straight as an "i" in the waves. Now automated, he chased her guardian. Leaving only the eternal movement of the blades. For an introduction to life in a hostile environment, visit the excellent Museum of Lighthouses. The island was saddened by shipwrecks. The garden has its storms trophy: the gray church tower finished with a grant from the British Crown after the rescue of the Drummond Castle in 1896.

How to get there?

In Brest, crossed all year. Approximately 30 euros / R in 2:15 (1 hour 15 from Conquet) company Penn Ar Bed, 02-98-80-80-80, Finist'Air scheduled flights to Brest,

Where to stay

In April Fools

New guest rooms in Lampaul, the pretty blue and white decor. From 54 euros.

Rens .: 02-98-48-87-63.

Where lunch, dinner?

Ty Korn

A Lampaul, delicious seafood platters. Book. About 30 euros. Rens .: 02-98-48-87-33.

Ile aux Moines, the most exclusive

The appointment of the regulars, an island of plush doll and stashed.

The course of his graceful figure as languid on the beach, arms outstretched, the island Moines packs outrageously. Valleys stashed in a joyful heath spotted an adorable town mimosa yellow, venerable dolmens, that piece of granite stone was all good. It is among the most smart Gulf Islands, and conceals some fortunes of the CAC 40 and workshops by famous artists. Follow the trail threading between vacation properties and pocket beaches, the constant proximity to the sea makes happiness at your feet. In addition to the oyster the corner and Arrondeau of asphodel (protected white flower), a holy horror of civilization has become another pride. The island is almost pedestrian. Height of style anchor outside the house, elegant shell output Guip of sites installed on the island, where luxury is nesting on the sly.

How to get there?

A Vannes, taxi or bus to Port-Blanc, then crossing every 30 minutes, 4.20 euros / R 10 minutes. Izenah Cruises, 02-97-26-31-45,

Where to stay


Five charming rooms in a house in Granite town. From 105 euros per night, breakfast included.

Rue du Presbytere, 02-97-26-32-52.

Where lunch, dinner?

At Charlemagne

Smile, cheerful atmosphere, prawns exits the locker (dozen on the run, 40 euros).

The Lerio, 02-97-26-32-43.

Arz, most secret

After the trip, calm, nothing but quiet, watching the world.

In the Gulf of Morbihan, there remain neglected moles. Land of a bard who initiated the literary revival of the Breton of Vannes, the island of Arz poetry book of treats to grasp between the lines. The last hours of Siberian goose barnacles colonize the Gulf before migrating, naps in the sun on the dike of the mill Berno, the discovery of "maisons de capitaine" reported all over the island in memory of the heroes of yesterday. Move away from the main road towards the tip of Menezig the further east, and following the trail you will arrive at a place called Mountain, which rises to 13 meters. Arz not eyeful, it offers views: here panorama of Hur, Godec and the Rhuys peninsula. The lookout Gulf.

How to get there?

A Vannes, taxi or bus to the ferry terminal. Departure every hour, from 7.60 euros / R. Gulf company, 02-53-46-56-56,

Where to stay


Bed & Breakfast in a neat single house. Affectionate welcome. 60 euros per night for two people.

Peñero, 02-97-44-31-71.

Where lunch, dinner?

The Blue Parrot

At the entrance of the village, a boozer accustomed to the warm welcome, extended large tables and loneliest corners. Duo whelks and oysters, about 15 euros.

Rens .: 02-97-44-30-15.

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