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And if you hire a military

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And if you hire a military

34,000 job cuts are planned between 2014 and 2019 by the White Paper of defense. SMEs can turn a profit to former military, which combine professional skills and attitudes. Good managers, logisticians and leaders of men, the military know what it is to work in difficult conditions and in a team.

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"These are people who respect strict instructions and hierarchy!" Enthused François Lacoste. The CEO of NSE-Industry appreciates the former military profiles. The group, specializing in integrated systems (71 million euros in sales in 2012), are thirty among its executives, engineers and technicians. "My sales manager France is an alumnus of the Air Force, my former CEO of the Navy, as well as the vice president of my holding ..., lists François Lacoste I need people with. the same profile as my clients. " The CEO does not make mystery: its customer portfolio includes groups working for the defense.

Or EADS, Thales, Safran and Dassault have too many former soldiers in their staff. Even thinking, even caste solidarity ... the network effect plays full for the greatest happiness of the NSE-business industry. They are men and 30,000 women each year to leave the army to join the workforce in the civil after five, ten, fifteen or twenty years spent in uniform. All will "recasent" not in large groups or SMEs related to defense, because to be these old military grunts are not least of all professionals in certain occupations. Electronics engineers, machine operators but also managers ... employable Skills in the civilian world of business, all business sectors.

Spirit and art of command

"They arrive on time for a meeting, they begin and end on time ..." This senior manager at Carrefour is full of praise for the former army officers hired by the juggernaut of the distribution. "Discipline, loyalty, commitment are part of the DNA of the soldier says Georges Lebel, major general and head of a joint day of conversion organized at the Ministry of Defence in February 2013. By their training, officers are strong sense of commitment. You can entrust their demanding tasks that will require perseverance and sacrifice. They know what it's like to work in difficult conditions and in a team. They know distribute loads , allocate resources so that the mission is completed ... "

Former military adapt quite easily to constraints. "In a small contracts are short, you have to start charcoal whenever We in the Air Force, every mission, every flight we questioned, "said Frédéric Kancir, a former pilot who is now sailing as a business in an SME 70 people.

Great managers, logisticians and leaders of men, our military would also mastered the art of crisis communication. Explanation: "Since the war in the former Yugoslavia, the French army had to manage many conflicts and personal accustomed to crisis communication," said Guillaume Le Masne and Chermont of a Saint-Cyr who spent ten years in the military before becoming a consultant there six years at Mercuri Urval, Swedish giant recruitment and human resources. "The officers demonstrate a clear courage, as announce decisions not easy to hear. But this is also part of the prerogatives of a good manager. The business needs profiles like us! Ability to plan, charisma, sense of management ... She has a lot to learn and entertain us. Especially as the national service no longer exists, "proclaims the son and grandson of military son who served ten years as an officer in the artillery before closing his career as an instructor in tactics, artillery Saumur.

Shielded with promotional!

"I knew nothing about the field. And there were only women in the company. Ségolène Pommereau, CEO, recruited me a month before giving birth! Fortunately, in the army a real one acquires adaptability " For his conversion, the former colonel in the Army Olivier Joussineau was parachuted into unfamiliar terrain: the ultraféminisée SMEs.

In 2008, at age 58, he became a deputy director at Laser, an import-export company of 18 people specializing in promotional products, established in Riom (63) and Paris. The regiment of former boss has initiated the operation of the SME is coltinant administrative, financial ... short daily management, including human resources. "We have hired professional contracts. I am the guardian of the young ... says Olivier Joussineau, who also helped put the company on the public markets. It took eight to nine months to understand My new job. But it is on the way of being that is difficult to lose his habits. I tried to become rounder in touch! "

His boss is "a trade beast all the time in the operational". He, more functional, a step back to the box expands without going into the wall in terms of management. "It is remarkably trained, us military cadres for the management of these small companies from 10 to 20 people brought to grow," said Olivier de Joussineau.

Total fidelity to the head and spirit, two qualities that the ruling of the SME recognizes in his rookie: she also quickly told the bank card of the company to the former colonel. "A former military can trust him," she says. Olivier Joussineau had one fear: that the management of SMEs is not very intellectually stimulating. But "SMEs are actually quite complicated to turn his brain to work all day," he admits with a smile.

Provide a transition sas

Barter uniform for the suit is not always obvious. "What is often criticized the military is not to be curious, do not ask enough questions in job interviews about their future employer," said Guillaume Le Masne of Chermont, which regularly sees passing profiles Military reconversion. "They have to intelligence: good knowledge of the business and their contact" advocates the former officer became a consultant at Mercuri Urval.

"They are strict but they lack in against creativity. The right chemistry is mix of civilians and former military," said his side François Lacoste, CEO of NSE-Industry.

From the point of view of military conversion, the company looks like a theater of operations not always easy to decipher. "An SME is a family with history and conflicts. I work in an office and you must learn to decode" and says Didier Joly, former post officer for two years in an SME carrying 70 million euros in turnover. If the values ​​acquired in training or military experience are an asset in the civilian military will be more flexible.

"To the officer who became manager, there should be a lock for the codes of the business and the military are not the same, says Guillaume Le Masne of Chermont. He will have to adapt his language," marketer "more his speech. Discipline is not marked in the same way. While the management rules are quite duplicated. But we do not talk the same way to a team that a troop "

In the company is no longer control of men, we manage a team! Finally, for the employer who recruited several officers will manage these soldiers among them. "Warning in an organization not to position a former colonel under the command of a former captain! I noticed that cringe," recalls François Lacoste. Moral: a former military may well have stored his uniform and his stripes in the closet, the grades remain long impregnated in his head! Chase the natural ...

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