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And you? Do you Paulette?

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And you?  Do you Paulette?

Paulette is a new women's magazine "home"! Its launch is as original as its editorial line! Back on adventure Paulette!

Irene Olczak, a young woman in love women's magazines, is the origin of this project. From the beginning, it has the desire to build a paper magazine, but initially it can not raise the necessary funds. So in the meantime, she founded with her ​​small team website Paulette with a fresh editorial and licked graphics! He won very quickly a great success! Following the dream can then continue ...

Today, we know how to launch a magazine is difficult and how Irene and her team were pelleted to do it! So, to be feasible, the paper launch was designed in a very pragmatic way. Explanation: The first three issues do not go out on newsstands and are only available by subscription. Each number appears only if 30,000 people before the purchase. If Paulette passes the first three issues, the magazine will finally be distributed on newsstands!

In the beginning of the week, the first magazine just published for over 30,000 epaulettes who commissioned the program: 100% Number shamanism! Looks Pocahontas, feathers, beads ... but also, of culture, the heart of stories of George ...

And if, like us, you believe in the adventure Paulette, you can always give them a little boost by subscribing to the next issue (or two)! Meanwhile, fingers crossed for all epaulettes!

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