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Anne-Laure Quilleriet: the homage of writing

March 16 category:Fashion
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Anne-Laure Quilleriet: the homage of writing

Anne-Laure Quilleriet -photo taken in 2009.

Nicolas Guiraud for L'Express Styles

Our first thoughts go to his family, to his parents. It is not in the nature of things to see their children die, and only an immense cry may rise against such injustice. It unfortunately resonates in a vacuum, and no echo will never answer us to tell us where Anne-Laure.

After a few years in the world, she had arrived at L'Express Styles April 10, 2006, with desperate passion for fashion and fierce determination to never give an inch of its journalistic integrity investigating this medium can be the kingdom the superficial. Army intransigence which discouraged stubborn, she applied to fashion, and then to other areas where took his talent, this spirit of investigation that carries the acclaim of our business. She added a perfectionism that was his trademark, his number. Anne-Laure was a reference. L'Express Styles is a fabulous adventure news, which Anne-Laure lent, always enthusiastic and often impatient, all its qualities. She took her beautification every week, it it also flourishes, lying over a security numbers and maturity that made her the deputy editor of the newspaper.

Never, however, she departed not from his love of the creators. In each article, she wanted to live these exceptional beings who, behind the splendor, host their complexity and fragility of artists. She had managed to gain the confidence of the largest, who opened his archives, books and backstage secrets of their workshops.

Anne-Laure, it was also a sparkling look where projects sparkled, a smile full of mystery and charm, from time to time, a face covered with a gravity mist, like a veil passenger on his love of life . That is why our admiration for it was accompanied by great affection.

Five years to the day after his arrival in L'Express, Anne-Laure gone, swept away in her sleep, and her death was probably as peaceful as it is unbearable to those who loved him. It leaves us inconsolable, condemned to always seek the lost grace that will come illuminate our editors.

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