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Applications for PACS explode

October 21 category:Society
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Applications for PACS explode

A couple of "civil unions" going on 11 August 2001, for the first time before the mayor of the ninth district of Paris, the "pioneer" Jacques Bravo, who invented in his town, a short ceremony to "share the joy consent. " The couple, as provided by the law of 15 November 1999 establishing the form of union, signed the day before their "civil partnership" in the district court of the ninth, opposite the town hall. AFP


The explosion before the end? While the government announced the end of the tax gift to married and PACS, requests for civil union registered a sharp increase in demand from Europe 1. Certain periods such as summer experiencing DMAIS record peaks this year, the number of applications would not fallen with the end of sunny days.

Households PACS can indeed fulfill three tax returns the first year, which lowers the tax rate. But the benefit is not going to be important for those pacsent this season since the 3rd report will concern only a few months.


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