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Attias Richard Coeur million

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Attias Richard Coeur million

Richard and Cecilia Attias International Festival of Marrakech Film in 2009. Richard Attias was born in Fez, Morocco.

J.Blondin / Reuters

Flanked by his wife Cecilia feline, Richard Attias, eager and radiant, hosts to a VIP limousines them that ballet deposited on the threshold of the congress of Brazzaville. In February 11, 2014, it blows with pomp the 25th anniversary of a protocol signed here, a prelude to the pacification of southern Africa. Here is the South African President Jacob Zuma and his Congolese counterpart and regional stage, Denis Sassou-Nguesso. Both will even be installed in the front row alongside their Togolese peer, the former Senegalese head of state Abdoulaye Wade or French defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

On the stage parade in succession two grandchildren of the late icon Nelson Mandela, some of the above Excellencies, then a bunch of Nobel Prize, the Egyptian Mohamed ElBaradei or Bangladeshi Muhammad Yunus, the Prophet microcredit. And, of course, the master of ceremonies. At the microphone, Attias bilingual book a flight to the agreed lyricism. For it the proverbial fifties interpersonal skills, a native of Fez (Morocco), polyglot: he speaks French, English, Arabic, and this Newspeak spicy Anglicisms so dear to the "decision makers" of the third millennium, loving "leadership" and "inspiration", all at the global scale, necessarily comprehensive.

On the website of his communications consulting agency, soberly called "Richard Attias & Associates", the founder appears moreover invested with the mission of "global influencer." Just that. And New York in Qatar, via Malabo (Equatorial Guinea). What about the brazzavilloise liturgy? It was technically perfect and politically ambiguous. Sound, video screens, lights or stage design: one brushed formal perfection. However, the event soon became apparent that it was also for this: a gala in honor of its sponsor "Sassou".

A "world citizen" to the address book with gilt edges

No doubt he will be the same in the third edition of the New York Forum Africa or nyfa, scheduled from May 23 to 25 in Libreville (Gabon). But this time in favor of Ali Bongo Ondimba. It is to the Friendship Stadium neighborhood Angondjé qu'afflueront announced the 1500 participants, including 675 foreigners. Policies, stars of the planet Business, bankers, academics, media stars, sports, culture or worldly galaxy plancheront on "the transformation of a continent."

The radius of the stars, the regulatory Nobel quota, some former chiefs of Mexico, Peru, Bolivia-a handful of incumbent presidents, although the arrival of Paul Kagame and Senegal Macky Sall remains uncertain, the singer and former Minister Youssou N'Dour, another son of the country of Teranga (hospitality) and the chess genius Garry Kasparov. But-cute coup- boss of the Quai d'Orsay, Laurent Fabius. "The Minister will meet there the political and economic actors frequentable world class and young African entrepreneurs, is it argues in his entourage. A risk of manipulation? He was not born the last rain."

At the bottom of the home page nyfa 2014, in English only, looping the list of appointments orchestrated by King Richard. With annual meetings of the African Development Bank in Kigali (Rwanda); the Albert Schweitzer Lambaréné symposium, Gabon stronghold of the famous Alsatian; Forum Goals Doha, Qatar appointment of "sports leaders" or the next Francophone Summit, convened in Dakar.

For a few, we suspect that the continent generates only a third of the 50 million dollars- 36.5 million euros- expected sales of business this year, 15 more than in 2013. One thing is certain: it is the heart of the cradle of humanity that is written a new chapter in a success story came from afar. "Not bad for a small Moroccan emigrated to France in 16 years, right?" cabotine thereof. Not bad, indeed. Usually Headquartered in New York, this "world citizen" in gilt-edged Address Book knows heard and courted.

In November 2012, the following alongside David Pujadas, decrypting on France 2, live from the Big Apple, the US presidential election. April 7 is on BFM TV that her friend Ruth Elkrief requires its lights about the pitfalls Manuel Valls, promoted to Matignon, must outwit. No doubt his grandfather appointed tailor of King Mohammed V of his condition and Jewish confession would be proud of him. As were certainly his parents, his high official in public works, the housewife. Because Fassi kid, youngest in a family of four, has come a long way since his debut at the IBM branch of Vincennes (Val-de-Marne), where he placed computers in small banks. Very quickly, the junior engineer feels cramped. Cap on Econocom IT services company. In an industry with exponential growth, the markets are soaring and careers revved. Two years later, at 28 Spring ago, Richard takes the reins of the group. Nevertheless: the seller has unparalleled soon exhaust the charms of the year. At the corner of a room, he met Jean-Pierre Lebrun, show organizer seasoned.

In Marrakech, he directed the creation of the WTO

Richard Attias has found its way: it will set the a steady hand in events, glittery paradise picture and sound. "The kingdom of chat, loose a former friend, so the ideal niche. Richard has the talent of the verb, even arrange with reality. I found out he has exercised a degree of Highways, who has followed the course of a Toulouse school less prestigious. " Lebrun with his friend, the pressed winner created in 1990 the company Nephtalie- Phatal Hebrew, meaning struggle.

Four years later comes the time of consecration: Attias staged in Marrakech, the birth of the World Trade Organization (WTO). A hundred heads of state and government welcomed impeccably, housed, fed and cornaqués by him. "US Vice President Al Gore, he recalls, began his closing remarks by praising the organization." No wonder when Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos, entrusted him with the logistics of this annual happening where press is at the heart of the Swiss Alps, the elite business and power? Then the tandem birth Global Event Management, Davos exclusive partner? Over the years, Richard Attias weaves an eclectic network. Rwandan Foreign Minister? "A friend." Jane Birkin? Idem. Just like Sharon Stone or writer Elie Wiesel. "Quickness, charisma: one can not resist him," enjoys a member of this tribe provided but taiseuse.

Solicited, essayist Jacques Attali, also an editorial in these columns, dodging. Ruth Elkrief declines. As for Stéphane Fouks, Havas Worldwide boss and seasoned lobbyist, he will let our messages unanswered. Thus: the intimate with the former partner, anonymity is required. The enemies? Same story. "He has so many friends in the media ..." sighs one of them. Missteps. It is only to read the interviews and complacent rave portraits that bloom in the French press. He himself has also been reluctant to grant a long telephone interview with L'Express magazine which Catherine Meddahi, President of Influences, the Paris branch supposed to promote his image, Judge African excessively "squeaky" coverage. Lock all floors.

In 1998, the prince of the com 'rallied the bosom of Publicis giant. He stayed a decade. Meanwhile, Cecilia Sarkozy, born Ciganer-Albeniz and Cross in November 2004, in favor of the UMP convention Richard scripted at Le Bourget, ran down the life of the divorced, once united with Emmanuelle lawyer Hoffman, and father of a young woman. An encounter that propels people to the section in the role of the mysterious lover, the rejected lover and the happy man. For months, France vibrates for sentimentalo-political psychodrama. Epilogue in October 2007: the presidential couple formalize their divorce.

Seven months later, Cecilia and Richard seal their union in the 65th floor of Rockefeller Center, Manhattan flagship. Invited to the wedding, Pope Davos Klaus Schwab slips away, citing "moral problem" posed him the nuptials to a tenant for the Elysee. "Richard's brilliance had come to overshadow him," an insider shade. Farewell, then, in the World Economic Forum, and so long Publicis. "My marriage Attias advance, sparked unease around me. I did not want to suffer the pressures of some and the unkindness of others." The victim beloved of a lettre de cachet of the elected monarch? Not so simple.

Cecilia contributes its robust relational fabric and its romantic aura

To believe a privileged witness, Cecilia will get her ex-husband that telegram in June 2010 Christine Lagarde, Minister of Economy and Finance, the first New York Forum, just to meet the cast. "To appease the resentment of his ex, says attorney Robert Bourgi pillar of eternal Françafrique ?? Sarko 'called Bongo and Sassou. As recommended Attias Karim Wade," son and adviser to former Senegalese -president. Contrary to what it suggested in May 2008 the newspaper Libération, Cecilia does not bring "that shit" to the son of Fez. But its robust relational fabric and its romantic aura.

If Richard was not long ago "the gray-haired guy next to Cecilia in a Paris Match", the African potentate who dubs himself provides, in addition to its expertise and its do- ie, glamor thrill of intrigue along the Seine. Inexhaustible vein, as attested by the anthology scene captured on March 23 at the book fair by nosy camera Petit Journal de Canal +. That day, Edwy Plenel, founder of the website Mediapart and contemptuous of the turpitude of Sarkozi, dedicated his latest book. And the like to "congratulate" the indictment firmly told five days previously on the board Crossword? Cécilia yourself. "My husband told me that you have been excellent." In the background, the husband agrees. Praise would have said, exasperated Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, outraged by so much ingratitude.

In May 2008, Attias, now free as air, fly to Dubai, including the Emir says Richard task of raising this port enclave to the rank of sports and cultural bridgehead in the Middle East. Las! The regatta runs short. Officially because of the financial tsunami that devastated the planet and dries up the sources of sponsorship. "In fact, argues a French established there, Attias has quickly alienated the entourage of the sheikh, who considered arrogant and greedy. As more Cecilia and her son Louis hated the emirate ..." Qu ' matter: virtuoso rebound, the former commercial IBM soon forced to give up his home in Connecticut, theater ultrachics brunches, begins its colors a new adventure: the New York Forum, launched with funds generated by the sale Publicis units held in a subsidiary of the group. Probably the limited success of this mini-Davos transatlantic Will it prompted one who sold at the end of 2013, 30% of baby WPP Columbia, No. 1 worldwide communication, tropicalize its routs.

"Communism, Lenin ironically, is soviets plus electricity." From the south of the Sahara, Attias system is a bit more globalized Françafrique 3D and PowerPoint. Of course, no one disputes the talents of the character. "A super-pro, slice a rival. Square, hardworking, methodical. Any ideas galore. From the base, enthusiasm and energy to spare." And he himself claims, even in a letter to the summer of 2013 to Barack Obama, an African identity inscribed in his DNA. North African roots, of course, but also a pioneer pedigree, committed to Marrakech at the Cape of Good Hope in 1990. abusive Prétention the eyes of various veterans of the continental development. "Unknown to the battalion," slice one of them. "In twenty years, said another, I have never met." In fact, it was not until 2008 and the Dakar summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to qu'Attias out of the shadows.

A pre-colonial Africa and Gabon fantasized Cocagne

This letter to Obama is worth seeing. Everything is there: sycophancy, the narcissism key, the science of networking with the reference to "our mutual friend Larry Summers" - former Treasury Secretary Bill Clinton-but also praise a fantasy in pre-colonial Africa past harmonious spared the religious conflicts. The trouble is that sub-Saharan epic conductor is to base a singular trio: Gabon, Congo - Brazzaville and Equatorial Guinea. Clearly, three oil principalities that gnaw clanism and "poor governance" regimented by the Heads of State reached the peak in prices, in order, of questionable ballot, a civil war and a coup . Therefore willing to pay dearly for an image facelift may intoxicate the foreign investor. Qu'Attias perspective will shimmer in June 2013 in the eyes of the Central African Michel Djotodia, who had conquered Bangui three months earlier at the head of a devastating rebellion.

Faux naive, the "global influencer" plays perfectly the bitter rivalry between ego despots more or less elected. Everyone wants to offer its forum, as one pays a Rolls or Bentley. And by Theorem Rolex Stainless expensive to Jacques Séguéla: If you do not have your Attias is that you missed your life leader. Another grievance meetings fertile minds able to brew promising concepts, these foils barnums have hardly improved the lot of the humble. "Attias is wind, plague Jean Ping, exbaron Bongo clan, passed this little opposition. The results? Zero. Where are the investors?" Suffice to say that it was vital for "Mr. nyfa" expand its scope to the democratic countries ranking less needy.

Mission accomplished with Senegal, the host country, in November, the 15th summit of the International Francophone Organisation (OIF). Performance all the more meritorious than Richard Africanus had seduced in their time Wade father and son; even then be pinned by a report of the Dakar Court of Auditors. "Pure slander," he protests, the work of "bloggers disappointed manipulated by competitors." Never mind: the nyfa 2012 at the gala evening of a South African forum of emerging nations, Macky Sall admit I was amazed by the quality of the score. Unequivocal triumph for the conductor, to benefit immediately accused by presidential favor of a contract by will.

A key, the Homeric brawl occurred between January 7 Jacques Habib Sy, general delegate for the Francophonie, and his deputy. To have publicly admitted that it was indeed the head of state who had "given the market", the first triggered the wrath of the second deterred in extremis to leave with loss and crash. "My confession was only a joke", evades today Mr. Sy. The truth? There has been, according to a familiar palace, "restricted tendering" but Macky Sall had even less trouble to dictate his choice as Attias file appeared to be the most successful. "Whether the contract or the amount sighs a television producer, opacity pollutes the atmosphere." In fact, anyone who manages to clarify the fiscal conundrum deserves a Pulitzer honor. 16 billion CFA francs "operating expense", more than 24 million euros, concedes the tip of a Senegalese official lips. The share of Attias? Mystery. "All the figures circulating are wacky, asserts it. The envelope dedicated to com 'will be around 400,000 euros." "My company, he insists, is more like a non-profit foundation." Not exaggerate. Jackpot or not any forum provides a valuable entry ticket, then redeemable for cash from investors seeking to enter the local market.

The nyfa? Attias estimated budget of $ 5 million, of which 5% would come back to him in the form of fees. 5 million, is, according to him, the equivalent of 17 pages of advertising in the New York Times, amount borne 80% by the Gabonese government, and four-fifths would be spent in situ. Besides the projects outlined in the corridors. Let. What happened, for example, the oil hub of Port-Gentil, outlined last year? Answer: "I do not know." As the official website of the event, it depicts a Cocagne Gabon Gabonese unfortunately unknown.

The financial stakes ablaze here more ardently than elsewhere civil society. Which, pugnacious to the excess, wither the "sham" Attias and "mismanagement" nyfa. Led by Marc Ona Essangui activist uncompromising transparency, outraged Gabon Forum (FIG) will host again a virulent against-forum; we denounce them water shortages, misery of those hospitals where they give birth on the floor, the deadly landslides slums and ritual crimes. Last year, Ona and his family had so much to the chagrin of Ali Bongo, deterred American filmmaker Spike Lee to make the trip to Libreville. For Attias, the case is heard: these cursers, he accused of "insulting" his wife, were discredited ...

Turn round warm, seductive, boastful and didactic, the globalized French-Moroccan may be, in adversity, brittle and condescending. Including towards an African press that according urge him to "professionalize". On May 16, in a hotel lounge Meridien Libreville, it has seen retaliate between solemnity and annoyance, questions from colleagues reluctant to its credo. "The Richard ecosystem, decodes one of his former associates, it is a small staff of dedicated employees and bondsmen to thank you. It requires them, as its external service providers, an exclusive loyalty. And stiffened as soon as escapes so slightly in its orbit. " So it happens that Attias machinery well-oiled as it is, also somewhat squeaky. We are quits.

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