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Auticiel: developer apps for autistic children

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Auticiel: developer apps for autistic children

The start-up Auticiel has developed apps for autistic children or people with cognitive impairment.


When she started her pitch, Friday, May 31, before investors present at Demo Day camping, Sarah Cherruault, hit the mark in attendance. His clear speech and his confident tone may have played in his favor but the young co-founder of Auticiel had an advantage. "We have the chance to work on the human, on a subject that affects people and pushes them to get involved sometimes even more, says Sarah. At the end of my presentation, I had a lot of positive feedback, a lot of investors want to contact. "

Custom tools

Auticiel is a project born of a meeting between Sarah, 23 years old, and the mother of an autistic child. "She expressed her need for digital content to awaken the children," said the young woman. She has developed Autimo, an application for identifying faces and emotions such as anger, joy or surprise. By clicking on the faces, the autistic child learns to identify the different emotions, difficult point for autism.

Reassured by the initial feedback on this app, the young woman decides to create a start-up and engage in the development of complementary apps. It launches in Time, a tool that allows children to identify in time and to understand the proceedings. "All our applications are customizable, which is an essential asset, says Sarah Cherruault. Parents can add their picture or record their voice."

Apps for constantly changing

Currently, the start-up developing a third app in partnership with medical-educational institute. Called Social Handy, it will stimulate social skills. Usually Auticiel relies on the opinions and needs of professionals (therapists, educators, etc.) and parents to develop different applications. For this, the entire product is developed in partnership. Developments whenever validated by its scientific committee. "We try to be as flexible as possible based on user feedback," said the young woman.

The start-up has adopted a model called "freemium" (a part of the suelement fonctionanlités is free). It already has over 5000 downloads and has a platform with content paid access. The conversion rate is around 8%, a figure that Sarah judge "good". Moreover, the start-up working on digitizing the catalog of several publishers waking solutions.

An international development

"Our entire portfolio is financed, welcomes Sarah Cherruault. Our fourth application will be by the Orange Foundation and Autism collective." If Auticiel made his first steps around autism, its applications are not limited to this single mental disorder but relate to cognitive impairments in general. An even larger market qu'Auticiel intends to conquer internationally despite the presence of strong competitors such as US Touch Autism. "In France, the first one has been available on the App Store and forward our flagship asset is put. Personalization" To give scale to Auticiel, the young woman is counting on a fundraiser at the beginning of next year.

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