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Bernadette Chirac car hits a deer

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Bernadette Chirac car hits a deer

Form France's first lady Bernadette Chirac, President of the Claude Pompidou Foundation, arrived to lay the cornerstone at the Claude Pompidou Institute, qui Will conduite Against Alzheimer disease research, in Nice, southeastern France, September 26, 2008. REUTERS / Eric Gaillard (FRANCE )

REUTERS / Eric Gaillard

Bernadette Chirac has suffered Monday night of a road accident in Corrèze minor when she was returning to Paris aboard a vehicle driven by a driver who struck a deer on the A20, has is it announced Tuesday the prefecture.

The accident occurred around 22h in Masseret, about fifty miles northwest of Tulle, while the wife of the former head of state had just left the town of Sarran where Chirac couple Castle has Bity to return to Paris, the source said.

The car of Mrs. Chirac, led by its security officer, struck a deer crossing the highway, is it added.

According to La Montagne, the driver was able to reach the area of ​​highway doors of Corrèze prefecture where dispatched another car aboard which Mrs. Chirac, who was not injured, was able to start around 23:30, a -t was indicated.

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