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Blondes are better paid than other women

February 26 category:Economy
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Blondes are better paid than other women

A blonde at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on October 6, 2008.

REUTERS / Kai Pfaffenbach

A study by the University of Queensland, supported by L'Express Styles, shows that blondes are better paid than others. It is the only hair color for which it is also obvious, even when the criteria as weight, size, or education are not taken into account. They earn about 1,600 pounds more a year for an annual salary of 22,000 pounds (25,000 euros per year, the average salary in England).

A trend that Dr. David Johnston, who led the study, has not been able to explain to the Telegraph. "Blondes are often considered more attractive but also less intelligent." Not smart blondes? Yet it would seem that they also tend to marry men richer than others: their husbands earn about 6% more than average.

Olga Uskova, president of the International Association of Blondes organizes competitions Barbie and Madonna impersonators, was able to provide a first hypothesis: "We attract richest men because we are more fun and outgoing than the other one. larger numbers of men are interested in us and in the workplace, when we make a mistake, we can always get away with saying. 'Oh thin Sorry, it's because I'm blonde "!


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