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Bockel: "One or two open prisons by 2017"

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Bockel: "One or two open prisons by 2017"

France's Secretary of State for Defence and Veterans Jean-Marie Bockel expect a news conference in Paris July 24, 2008 to announce plan to slash the number of France's military sites. REUTERS / Charles Platiau (FRANCE)

REUTERS / Charles Platiau

It's time we go! The Secretary of State for Justice Jean-Marie Bockel almost started a prison building program (s) open (s). "I wish we had one or two institutions over the 2015-2017 horizon," said the government Alsatian during a breakfast with parliamentarians this morning in the Bird Show Chancery Place Vendôme. Bockel, for which purpose is to facilitate reintegration and reduce recidivism, provides that "the Minister of Justice follows the issue closely."

The author of a report on open prisons, Paul-Roger Gontard, stressed that such establishments in Europe represented between 8 and 10% on average inmates as in Britain or Germany. "Our goal would be that one, said the university, while we are only 0.3%, with only one establishment, the Casabianda in Corsica." Jean-Marie Bockel told that it was from his visit Casabianda, August 26, 2009, that he "really seriously interested in the matter."

Prepare the release and prevent recurrence

The originality of the approach of the Secretary of State is best to rely on the oldest example of open prison in Europe: the Witzi, in the Swiss canton of Bern hotel opened in 1895. On 855 hectares, near the 180 held there mainly perform farming tasks with 1.1 million bees, 1,200 pigs, 480 cattle, 136 horses and 112 birds. "The advantage of Witzi is to avoid damage from detention, says Hans-Rudolf Schwarz, the director of the institution. In many pre-release and prevent recurrence." Although he acknowledges that in terms of escape, zero risk is impossible to achieve.

The announcement of Jean-Marie Bockel can it be just ... advertisement? In veteran of politics, the Secretary of State is proactive: "Do not think this project is lost in the sands!" There are at least two problems. First, the powerful prison administration that has not, for the moment, enthusiasm shown is the least we can say. Deusio, the Justice Minister Michele Alliot-Marie will commit does support this project seriously and permanently, especially if the Secretary of State for Justice was removed in a future redesign? This is the question.


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