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Bouygues Telecom says it has received "no bid"

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Bouygues Telecom says it has received "no bid"

Bouygues Telecom Tower in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris, July 14, 2012. Photo illustrative.


Diversified Bouygues group said in a statement they had received "so far no bid" for its Telecom subsidiary.

"Following recent statements in the press, said that Bouygues Bouygues Telecom continues the implementation of its transformation plan announced June 11, 2014 to ensure it an independent future," it said in the statement. "In addition, the Group has so far received no bid for its subsidiary Bouygues Telecom."

Xavier Niel, founder of the telecom operator Free (Iliad), spoke of a possible takeover of the third French operator in the Wall Street Journal Monday.

"We told them: either you tell us that you are really selling or we turn to other options that might compromise this proposal in the future," said Mr. Niel.

Free to conquer T-Mobile US

Iliad said Thursday it had submitted to the Board of Directors of the US operator T-Mobile US bid for 56.6% of the company for which he proposes $ 15 billion.

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Following this announcement, industry experts pointed out that if Free chose to invest in the US, he would not have the means to invest in the French market and be a potential buyer Bougyues Telecom on a consolidation of the French market around three operators.

Bouygues Telecom, after the failure of the redemption SFR face Numericable, opened negotiations with Orange and Iliad for a possible sale of its assets.

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In early July, Orange had thrown in the towel immediately, and all eyes were now turned to Free.

Free had also agreed with Bouygues Telecom, SFR at the time of redemption process to buy his mobile network for 1.8 billion euros, a very attractive sum. This sale would have enabled Bouygues Telecom to meet the competition rules in case of redemption of SFR.

But the case is being made between Bouygues and Vivendi, parent company of SFR, this agreement with Free fell into the water.

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