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Business creation: all tips for success

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Business creation: all tips for success

"In a difficult economic environment, we need leaders capable of adapting, to set an example, to play down and support their teams."

Reuters / Yuriko Nakao

Simplifying procedures, increasing aid, strengthen the support ... For five years, business creation has considerably simplified and attracts more and more candidates: 550,000 in 2012 against 330,000 in 2008. This surge should not hide that even today one in two goes out of business within five years. The cause of the crisis, of course. But also the lack of preparation, poor anticipation of funding and lack of long term vision are part of the common pitfalls. To put the odds on their side, designers must tuck their project from the start.

Test his idea. This is obviously the basics, but too many creators zap this step by simply peruse some results of market research. "We must go to the field, meet future clients and do not be afraid to question them, even be disappointed by their answers. Better rectify in time the project rather than clinging to a bad idea," recommends Alain Bosetti, organizer of the 15th edition of the Salon of micro-enterprises. To check the viability of the concept, it can also be interesting to go into autoentrepreneur. This scheme, simple and safe, is ideal for testing an idea to develop it on a larger scale.

Well surrounded. Loneliness is the worst enemy of the creators. Isolated, they take inappropriate decisions and make the wrong choices. Too bad, because many support networks in the creation exist, such as France Initiative, Entrepreneurship Network or BGE (Stores Management). They advise project developers, help them set up their business plan, choosing the right legal form or to find financing. Successfully too, since the corporate success rate accompanied reached 70 to 80%, against less than 50% for others.

Find easy to get financing. No need to waste time searching inappropriate or untouchable funding. Better to focus on effective aids such as honor loans from support networks (between 5000 and 50 000, depending on the organization). To appeal to business angels is also useful. These particular investors bring from start up to several hundred thousand. Pierre Leblond, founder of Lyon Go decor, a site specializing in furniture design, made the experience. A few months after its launch, it has won 300,000 euros from a handful of business angels. He has since made two other fundraisers, 250 000 and 500 000 euros. "I had planned from the start to fund the company through several successive raising funds. This is the best way to quickly get money," he says.

Provide a "mattress" cash. Between deadbeat customers, contracts that fail at the last minute or the rising price of certain materials, it is always better to overestimate its financial resources. This is what Christel Moncéré Anglade, creator of Ma small haberdashery. Based in Marsac, Tarn, this former employee is overfunded its project in relation to its forecasts. "This will take the time to cash in revenues and to provide additional resources," the creative analysis, which has tripled its turnover in three years. Today, his small business makes more than 1 million euros in turnover and employs 12 people.

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