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But what interested Arnaud Lagardère?

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But what interested Arnaud Lagardère?

Arnaud Lagardere, head of the eponymous group of media and defense. REUTERS / Charles Platiau

REUTERS / Charles Platiau

Sport: this is what he prefers

Sport, this is crazy. Tennis, Football, or skiing, Lagardère son is an experienced athlete, which ensures also have learned to fight through its physical education teachers. "I love being at the helm and give the course. What drives me is to be the skipper, to order, to decide," explains very well this amateur sports metaphors. Initially his passion is mainly reflected in sponsorship activities via the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation. But in 2005, Arnaud Lagardère changes tactics. Leveraging investment in sport and created Team Lagardère, a sports team expected to defend its colors. He spends more time on the steps of Roland Garros in the company of the big bosses. A release he says send to each of his players a text message before and after the game. From 2008, however, he is forced to revise its ambitions downwards, tightening his stable of tennis players and athletes. While he hoped to play sports "the group's new growth engine" in 2009 this activity will have generated as € 507 million in sales on ... 7.9 billion in total.

The media: it is its cam

"In 10 to 15 years, I want to raise this group in the top 3 global media, becoming a 100% group communication," said in 2004 in L'Expansion Arnaud Lagardère. Since then, six years have passed, and the son of Jean-Luc is still far from its objectives. The crisis of advertising has certainly slowed his ambitions, and the group is preparing to sell many of its interests in its media activities. He has to sell 25% stake in Amaury (team, the Parisian ...), its shares in the group Marie Claire and withdraw from the capital of the World in favor of the Spanish Prisa. Bad luck or ambition, television conquest was not more successful. The heir of the empire Lagardère, which was a priority of the small screen, just close the page of television on Thursday by announcing the sale of 20% stake in Canal +.

Editing: it should probably love

This is the most important activity of the group, the historical branch, which has saved the 2009 thanks to the vampire saga Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, who has sold some 85 million copies around the world. Show some commitment to publishing, Arnaud Lagardère in 2006 bought Time Warner Book Group, becoming at the same time the second world behind the British publisher Pearson.

Distribution and services: they do not care in

At least to believe the health status of the Presstalis company (which provides 80% of the distribution of newspapers) that Lagardère is the operator for 60 years and in which it holds a 51% stake. As long crisis, the former NMPP, at the limit of the suspension of payments, no interest no longer seems the young CEO. He threatened on several occasions to walk out of the company and to take away the same time the distribution of its shares, or 15% of its turnover. Even the pressure of the authorities does not make him change his mind. Until last week, no agreement had yet been reached between the group and magazine publishers about 70 million euros to pay.

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Aeronautics: this is the least of his worries

7.5% in the capital of EADS, Lagardère son cares much. Despite the father's involvement in the creation of the group. In 2006, Airbus in crisis, he questioned his responsibility as a shareholder. "I choose to be someone dishonest or incompetent, who does not know what is happening in its factories. I assume this second version." Rather problematic for the boss of a box of this size. However we can not blame Arnaud pretending. In 2003, he announced to want to withdraw completely EADS. And in 2006 he sold half of its stake, repeating at leisure it will separate from the rest at the first opportunity. At the time, it is strongly criticized his lack of involvement and immobility. But Arnaud Lagardère still favors the status quo. Today, he still considers the course of EADS too low to sell, and knows that his presence in the group is probably one of the best defenses against predators ...


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