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Cambodia between Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy, the duel is engaged

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Cambodia between Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy, the duel is engaged

Thousands of protesters gathered Saturday, September 7th in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital, lotus hand as a sign of peace to negate the result of laws, won by the party of the immovable Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Since the parliamentary elections on 28 July, the Cambodian People's Party (CPP), in power for over three decades and the Cambodia National Rescue Party (PSNC), recently created, both ascribe the victory of polls . But the first established his claim on electoral institutions decried by the second ...

PSNC PPC and share them two seats in the National Assembly. The elections were played in a handkerchief. Barely 290,000 votes difference between the two, according to preliminary results of the Election Commission. A face to face that launches a polarization of politics, unprecedented life since the first free elections after the war in 1993.

A stinging setback

In power for over thirty years, PPC has recorded a historic decline in the number of votes, causing a shock wave in the party ranks. Voters above all sanctioned the removable head of government, Hun Sen, under whose reign nepotism and corruption seemed to be erected into a system. Victims of a relentless rise in prices, many Cambodians feel that economic growth benefits only a single wealthy elite, the more untouchable than ever. Others feel that human rights are violated with impunity on the altar of development and denounce the large-scale land evictions or attempted to install Hun Sen's son in power as a king his dynasty.

In addition, PPC machine seems frozen in time, so that its leaders often seem overwhelmed. They also speech regime representatives at will evoke the country's liberation from the yoke Khmer red, for example, forgetting the way that 2 out of 3 are Cambodians born after the fall of the bloody regime. The erosion of power is at work, especially the younger generation, freshly fed to social media and more open to the world, dare to speak without fear and changing dream. It is this electorate has been capturing the PSNC, chaired by Sam Rainsy, united front and collecting, for the first time, several trends of the opposition.

Political deadlock

Massive electoral fraud had robbed him the # 1 proclaims the PSNC, which still refuses to recognize the victory of his opponent, so that an independent investigation has not been conducted to examine the irregularities of the election. But PPC refuses to remove this prerogative to the electoral commission, the bias is alleged by the opposition.

In this war of attrition between the two movements, each side waits for the other to commit first one wrong. The opposition has exhausted all legal remedies and now turns to his ultimate weapon, popular mobilization, organizing peaceful street demonstrations announced. In front, power has ostensibly deployed armed forces: depending on your point of view, it is to be prepared for any eventuality, justifies the power, or intimidate people like deplores the PSNC.

How far will the standoff between Hun Sen - a position of weakness for the first time, despite its announced victory - and his rival for sixteen years, Sam Rainsy? This old already 64 years old and carried by a wave of popular protest ever seen, not to miss this unique opportunity to see his fight opponent succeed.

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