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Cambodia: opposition disputes the results of the legislative

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Cambodia: opposition disputes the results of the legislative

The majority party in Cambodia on Sunday claimed victory in parliamentary, anticipating the official results to announce the continuation in power of Prime Minister Hun Sen, strongman of the country since 1985. Chhin Sothy

The ruling party in Cambodia has claimed victory in parliamentary Sunday, a poll marked by allegations of fraud in which the strongman Hun Sen countries faced a united opposition than ever.

The Cambodian People's Party (CPP), entirely devoted to the one who has not left the post of prime minister since 1985, announced the official results before it would retain its majority in parliament.

"We can say that we won the elections," said AFP spokesman Khieu Kanharith, believing that the CPP had probably got 68 seats and 55 would go to his opponents. If these figures were to be confirmed in the coming days by the National Electoral Commission (NEC), it would mark the decline of the ruling party. In 2008, Hun Sen and his followers had indeed obtained 90 of the 123 seats.

The next generation is ready

After 28 years at the top of government, Hun Sen did not even bother to campaign. He voted from the ballot, embracing his ballot before sliding it in the box.

At 60, Hun Sen is one of the oldest leaders in Asia. Symbol of stability and peace for many Cambodians, it has certainly led the transformation of a country emerging from decades of civil war and became one of the most dynamic economies in the region.

But he struggled to contain a strong social discontent and a growing anger at the impunity of law enforcement and confiscation of land to foreign companies and elites.

His opponents were able to surf the development of social networks to attract a large section of the young, urban voters. Sam Rainsy has been welcomed by tens of thousands of people on his return.

"One of the most powerful tools of Hun Sen, fear disappears quickly," assured Jackson Cox, Analyst Society Woodmont International consultants.

The strong man Cambodia, seemingly unshakable, remains so far deaf to criticism.

His three children, raised in the United States, were placed in positions within the CPP or the army, and the youngest of them is a candidate for a member to post. What fuel accusations that it is preparing nothing less than a dynasty to survive.

The opposition refuses defeat

"It is very difficult to proclaim that it is free and fair elections. I believe that equal opportunity was not respected," said AFP Preap Kol, director of Cambodia NGO, Transparency International has found numerous irregularities in the electoral process.

"The situation is more serious than in any election in the past," said the spokesman Yim Sovann CNRP, citing the disappearance of thousands of names of electoral lists, and voters who did not vote because someone had apparently already in place. Allegations that the election commission denied.

"The Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) can not accept the results (...) because the CNRP has found a number of serious irregularities," he has continued in a statement, calling for the creation of an investigative committee composed of members of the majority, the opposition of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and representatives of the UN and civil society organizations.

About 9.6 million people were called to go to the polls in 19,000 polling stations on Sunday, a day marked quickly as throughout the campaign by accusations of cheating against the government.

At a press conference Monday, the opposition leader recently returned from exile, Sam Rainsy, evoked the figure of 1.25 million names removed from lists 1 million false names and 200,000 duplicate names in several lists. "What interests us is to render justice to the Cambodian people to ensure that his will is not distorted as before," responded one who lived in France since 2009.

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