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Cambodia: "We hope for a peaceful transition in Burma"

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Cambodia: "We hope for a peaceful transition in Burma"

Cambodia-The police had opened fire on a gathering of textile workers on strike for weeks to demand wage increases, leaving at least three dead police said. Defenders of Human Rights, citing at least four dead, had denounced the worst violence against civilians in 15 years.

REUTERS / Samrang Pring

A breath of wind sling on Cambodia, supported by the opposition, since the legislative elections of July continues to challenge the results and refused to sit in the National Assembly. Under the leadership of its popular leader Sam Rainsy, it conducted a series of unprecedented street protests, which have not known incident or hindrance of law enforcement. An unprecedented situation in a country where, for the first time in nearly thirty years, the legitimacy of the ruling party, the CPP, is being challenged by a wave of popular protests in which political and social demands stand together. But since Thursday, the government gave a crackdown, with the brutal crackdown of any gathering, which left at least four dead and dozens injured, and the ban on all demonstrations until a return to calm . The situation is changed, yet Sam Rainsy appears serene about the future.

L'Express: For five months, your party was the one that occupied the space. While watching any challenge and now you prohibiting street, PPC seems to have taken it by hand?

The real balance of power is in the head. And we have already shown with a parade of 200,000 people, against 20,000 that PPC has met Tuesday morning for the celebration of 7 January (35th anniversary of the overthrow of the Khmer Rouge regime by vietnamese army and the installation team in power). You see what the report looks aside popular force! We are witnessing the emergence of "people power". But those who use violence are showing weakness. This is not a sign of strength to use weapons against the civilian population.

How do you stand today?

Our strategy is to avoid violence and the triumph of popular will in all peaceful forms. We do not want to be dragged into the traps of violence, PPC stomping ground. We do not want to resist or defy. We prefer a tactical withdrawal instead of sending forces to the slaughter. It is preferred to redeploy to align in another battle. We will act responsibly. Immediately after the restoration of freedoms, we will not launch another massive demonstration. We have already made a show of force, enough. We are ready to move forward.

What do you require to return to the negotiating table?

For us, they must be taken out of all constraints must stop the violence, an independent commission of inquiry be established to shed light on these acts, it is necessary that those still detained are released, the judicial pressure against trade union leaders and opposition leaders cease. It should not be a sword of Damocles hanging over our heads, we can not negotiate under these conditions. So we ask the PPC because the ball is now in his camp, to create the conditions for genuine negotiations.

You said, the threat of arrest hanging over you. Do you believe?

When there is a political solution, legal proceedings will disappear as if by magic! To attract us, PPC us dangled a lot. They really want to negotiate. So I have no concerns. They can not put me in jail and continue at the same time to negotiate. They force us right hand to resume negotiations.

Is the situation blocked?

There are two forces: the popular support and that of the army. Each side has demonstrated its strength. Now we gauge. We know the limits of each other, that is conducive to negotiations. The game is clear. And there would be a compromise in perspective. Through shared contacts, one probe each other with the PPC. There would think, to resolve the current post-election crisis, an early election, mid-term, in 2-3 years, but without reference to the last election, to say that they were rigged. Or an advanced poll is not in the Constitution, we must change it. One that suggests a revision of the Constitution that would be the king, to reconcile everyone and solve this major conflict. If there is the commitment of the king, solemn, can be trusted. And this would be accompanied at the outset of a reform of the electoral system. This is a scenario we are considering seriously. We hope for a peaceful transition in Burma.

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