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Can you wear his sneakers every day?

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Can you wear his sneakers every day?

Question of Barbara, a Strasbourg reader asks, "I want to put my Nike daily, with all, is what it is serious? "Barbara asked this question because it was noticed that lately, you had much, much, talked about sneakers here. This is normal. The basketball is the new ballerina. It has nothing to do with the sport, it is tolerated everywhere: at the forefront of fashion shows, at work, in a box, all the time. Is it provided a reason to wear it every day? I Do Not. Because, you see Barbara, what happens when you wear a pair of sneakers every day - especially when the door barefoot as the above Vans - what happens, then, is that very soon, we have a big problem olfactory order. Who we are. We all did the same. And our sneakers too. And it's a shame to ruin a pair so fast that we paid a bit expensive and we want to make it last longer. So the best I would say is to alternate. Every other day. That's it.

Lauren Bastide

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