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Case Bygmalion: Pierre Lellouche door impersonation complaint

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Case Bygmalion: Pierre Lellouche door impersonation complaint

Pierre Lellouche will file a complaint for "identity theft." Tribouillard

No, Pierre Lellouche has never hosted a conference "on access to credit." The UMP deputy from Paris announced Monday Nanterre since he wore a complaint of identity theft. "They stole my name and was attached to something probably fraudulent," said he told the press, at its output Office investigators where he was heard at his request.

Release had unveiled the UMP invoice to Bygmalion society whose leaders are close to Jean-Francois Cope. One was particularly controversial because: it dates from May 2012 and amounted to 299,000 euros. This is a conference that would have led Pierre Lellouche. "I wonder about the presence of my name on an invoice from the Bygmalion company paid, it seems, by the UMP," said the Parisian elected, saying ignore "all" of the event .

"A kind of rape"

"As I understand it, part of that money went nowhere," he added. "If this diversion was done with the complicity of some in the UMP is the breach of trust. If the UMP was a victim of unscrupulous people, it's a scam." So he "lodged a" one or the other, "as appropriate". Pierre Lellouche, it is "a serious matter" and "heavy".

"I consider myself seriously insulted, it is a kind of rape," said Pierre Lellouche who wants to "shed light": "It is in honor of the political family to which I belong."

"He does not know to surround"

The role of Jean-Francois Cope? "He told me on the phone that he discovered the affair," "I expect explicitations but there's a problem," said the former Minister of Foreign Trade.

But Pierre Lellouche, or they are "his closest collaborators who bear responsibility, and it is not known to surround" or "there is complicity in his entourage, and this is very serious." "The question of the leadership of the UMP is asked. I ask it."

"We can not leave the UMP pace of justice" that will investigate, "but it will be long," he noted. "Clearly, the leadership of the UMP must change, clean everything, define a policy online and forge ahead." The political bureau of the party Tuesday he expects "decisions."

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