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April 29 category:All the details
We were not surprised to learn that Rihanna had to design clothes and direct the artistic world of Puma, the star and the brand teaming perfectly in our brain. Point of astonishment either before the pretty white creepers already she wore the wig of
April 27 category:All the details
Last night in New York party for the opening of the first store Aurélie Bidermann. And how come dressed Leandra Medine of Man Repeller blog? In the uniform he holds dear, jeans and denim shirt. Maybe, but several additional info in silhouette challen
April 24 category:All the details
Before you fall into a swoon at the beauty of this hat Maison Michel, know that it is from the summer collection 2015, so it will not be available until January. But why we talk about you now is to greet his great idea, his stroke of genius to be bot
April 23 category:All the details
Take a look at the Lanvin woman next summer. You will notice that her wrists, the neck and the bottom of her dress (and the back of her shoes that you do not see) are covered with these large pearls that were already in fashion this summer. But what
April 23 category:All the details
The podium of Vionnet last night put us in front of a strange questioning, the same as we have some mornings. Skirt or pants? Here, we do not bother with this kind of considerations since puts a skirt front AND rear pants. To choose is to give up whi
April 23 category:All the details
In London, it is today that the shows are completed and you can still see foultitudes beautiful things. For example Christopher Kane, who has put together a top "ahoy ahoy sailor". These sailors knots that intertwine delicately resonate wit
April 22 category:All the details
As yet we tracked down the duo Proenza Schouler that will make us turn the head this season? Enjoy a little those indescribable innovative fringed shoes. Is it not in a pair of shoes like that that dream slip our toes? Hybrid sandals cowboy mid-jacke
April 22 category:All the details
Often, in September, we bought a new pair of boots / shoes / sneakers (delete as appropriate). For those who consider it necessary to make it last summer and turn this September in indigo and Indian summer hippie, there these Converse Missoni, with t
April 22 category:All the details
Usually Barack Obama, not to clutter the mind of some crucial decisions will always wears a blue suit and a gray suit. Yesterday at his press conference, he opted for a sand color together. As a result, everyone went his little commentary on social n
April 20 category:All the details
Summer is synonymous with family picnic. But also rhymes with puzzle to transport huge sheet Auntie. Fortunately, pulling the dress-tablecloth blue tiles Reformation, we already have the piece of cloth available. Only risk? Reverses a cousin of mayo
April 20 category:All the details
Sexiest Vegetarian elect of the Year by PETA, Jared Leto is eye catching with her outfits, often basic plaid shirt and jeans lacerated. Today, in concert in France with his band "Thirty Seconds To Mars," he appeared in Paris dressed in a ba
April 17 category:All the details
How to successfully reinvent even the white shirt? Giambattista Valli makes a parachute for spring-summer 2015. If full, that already feels light in. It makes us take the air, is considered over pants legs eph, and gives us a heavenly look. It's dari
April 16 category:All the details
This T-shirt Rad makes us think a song by Pierre Perret. The question is why. There are the innocent, the mussel fishing where the people of the town, city, town took his basket, mom for obvious reasons similar context if we take the message in the s
April 16 category:All the details
This is the effect that make the sun and the sea on our hair they wash out them. And it's nice to find this same chip on our spring clothes. Because although this trench coat tie and dye collection Liveaboard 2015 Michael Kors is made to cover us, it
April 15 category:All the details
We'll tell you one thing: we did not know the French group Claude Camp before seeing this video. But we talk about you for a detail, a little thing, not much, but it means a lot to us. The singer in the clip wearing jellyfish, these plastic sandals w
April 14 category:All the details
Photo: TwitterTristanQM Decidedly, policies no longer know what to do to take an interest in European. Julien Bayou, Europe Ecology spokesman Greens has even made a green manicure for the campaign, the evidence with this photo posted on Twitter yeste
April 11 category:All the details
The girl posing here for the autumn-winter collection 2014 Barrie is Lily Collins. You would think she forgot to remove his cap, but that would be to underestimate the photographer (Karl Lagerfeld!) And attention to detail. His new fad? Bring up to d
April 11 category:All the details
We will not repeat it: the backpack is the new bag. So, it takes all tastes. It has at Vanessa Bruno. He playfulness to make us believe that he can withdraw from a bright red zip blow when it is not. And above (detail which greatly pleases us dailyEL
April 9 category:All the details
In the family of undecided girls asked the cousin skirt-pants. The skirt is tall, comes under the knee and doing a bit like an apron over straight trousers in the same pattern, between marble and abstract painting. Also notice the detail that makes a
April 7 category:All the details
She dared. Put sports socks AND pool tap. Finally rather in pool tap. BOTH AT THE SAME TIME WHAT. Obsessed by the audacity of this girl all dressed in Urban Outfitters, we missed another of his daring (which also makes it all very stylish): stripes o

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