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November 18 category:Arts
With blue skies, sun and its cultural richness, Lisbon is a city whose discovery is an "obligatory passage." Rafael Marchante In recent years, the Lusitanian capital has emerged as one of the top destinations in Europe. Facades shimmering r
November 6 category:Arts
Paños, prison break, Christian Berst Gallery. © Galerie Christian Berst 1. It is an exhibition of "art brut" So is it not called the creations by artists but by self-taught, psychiatric hospital patients and prisoners, marginalized or origi
October 30 category:Arts
Paul Ardenne designed Motopoétique at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of Lyon. © JF Marin / for L'Express The bike is the star of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of Lyon. Yes, this thing with two wheels and longer moto
October 5 category:Arts
Graffiti freedom, Tammam Azzam, according to The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. © 2014 / Courtesy Galerie Ayyam 1. It is an invitation to a Syrian artists quizaine coupled with a question: how can they find the strength to create as the country comes to the r
September 6 category:Arts
The Hôtel Salé, which houses the Picasso Museum is undergoing expansion. REUTERS / Charles Platiau Laurent Le Bon, current director of the Centre Pompidou-Metz, was appointed president of the Picasso Museum in Paris, announced Tuesday the Minister of
September 2 category:Arts
Project for the third millennium Kinshasa by Bodys Isek Kingelez (1997) and I like the color, Chéri Samba (2010). © SALVA THOMAS / LUMENTO For thirty years, the Cartier Foundation supports the creation and artists by political orders. It is this anni
August 20 category:Arts
Mickey Unbeliever (2012), Bronze, Alexander Kosolapov. © Press Office Who? It is one of the pillars of "fools art", artistic movement appeared in Moscow in the 1970s Russian version of pop art, art fools mocked communist ideology and symbol
August 2 category:Arts
"Portrait of Miss Ruby May, standing" by Leena McCall Leena McCall Semi female nude visual artist Leena McCall has held two days on the walls of the London gallery Mall Galleries. Deemed "too pornographic and disgusting," Portrait
June 21 category:Arts
Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo. The Borgias and time. Musee Maillol, Paris (seventh). Until February 15, 2015. © FLORENT GARDIN / MBA NÎMES The purpose Ambitious three goals. A: put a face to the protagonists of the sulphurous dynasty, such as Ren
December 18 category:Arts
Steve Rosenblum and his wife in front of a work by Andrei Molodkin: G8. JPGuilloteau / L'Express First a long black corridor, at the end of which draws a rectangle of light. It was then appear the works. The place where one enters, with an area of ​​
December 16 category:Arts
The Museum of Europe and Mediterranean Civilizations (Mucem) will be completed in June. Gregory Bernardi Wednesday, January 2nd, 9 am 35, Marseille train station - St. Charles Directorate Wasteland of the Belle de Mai, multicultural complex planted i
December 16 category:Arts
Marc Goupy present several shots on Ginza Line, the first subway built in Tokyo. Marc Goupy ImageSingulières offers in Sète, for its 2011 edition, based programming documentary photography. The festival images. Gilles Favier and Valerie Laquittant, f
December 15 category:Arts
FIAC in 2008. Illustration. © Emmanuel Nguyen Ngoc The 38th International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) opens at the Grand Palais, from 20 to 23 October. Despite the international uncertainty, the atmosphere is festive and the FIAC, more ambitious and
December 14 category:Arts
ARTISTIC BLUR Halim Al-Karim. Schizophrenia 7 (1987) 180x130 cm. Courtesy Galerie Imane Fares The blurred portraits Halim Al-Karim intriguing. One might think that these paintings. But his technique is photography. He uses it, he said, to "explo
December 13 category:Arts
Carrion, Javier (2011). DR The expertise of the Venetian glassmakers has for centuries been the admiration of the European courts and the glory of Venice. Today, artists from around the world reinvent tradition by coming to work in their studios on t
December 12 category:Arts
In July 2011 the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson REUTERS It shows a small grin as a smile. She observes us in a quiet expectation, since the sixteenth century. The Mona Lisa has not changed a bit. And yet she's seen all colors. Ther
December 10 category:Arts
Ms. Lopez in the box of the Cicada, 1986. 120, Boulevard Rochechouart, Paris 18th. JF CHAPUT This is wandering through Paris in search of an old Parisian cinema to shoot a short film that Jean-François Chaput had the idea to make this series of photo
December 8 category:Arts
Arab World Institute (IMA) in Paris Reuters In recent years, Russian artists, Chinese, Indian broke on the international scene. Here breath now an Arabic wind. Since last summer at the Venice Biennale, real OJ of creation, or never so many artists fr
December 8 category:Arts
Sebastiao Salgado photographer presents the Genesis project. SEBASTIÃO SALGADO / Amazonas IMAGES The photographer Sebastião Salgado has a book and an exhibition, Genesis. He explains the genesis of the project to L'Express. "Until the age of 15,
December 7 category:Arts
Artist's creations Steven Parrino (1958-2005) in a retrospective at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in 2007. AFP / Eric Feferberg WHO? An American painter and musician, died at the age of 47, in 2005. A punk artist went from pop to minimal art culture,

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