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November 30 category:Books
Philippe Jaccottet in Paris in 1987. © FLORENCE PONCET This is an expected consecration: the work of Philippe Jaccottet published in the collection of the Library of the Pleiades. It was running since Starobinski, friend, prefaced in 1971 in the coll
November 28 category:Books
Primitive accumulation of darkness, Bruce Bégout. AFP PHOTO DANIEL VELEZ You remember "things that are behind things" that Jean Gabin in Port of Shadows? The formula could adorn the frontispiece of Primitive Accumulation of darkness, the co
November 25 category:Books
Marcel Gotlib in the 1970s "I always screwed up, even as a kid." © C. Poutout And yet, since water has passed under the bridges and squares under the eyes. He even had in the 1980s, beefy pen: Bilal, Tardi, Boucq, Juillard, Schuiten ... To
November 20 category:Books
40% of the French put their trust in the book against 16% in the daily press and television, internet 7% and 3% for magazines, according to Ipsos MediaCT study. Venantius The French love the books, even though playing back for 3 years. T
November 12 category:Books
Literary chronicle of François Busnel. DR The novelist, like the historian, throw torches into the abyss. This helps to combat one of the worst evils of existence oblivion. It was in that novelist Régine Detambel tells the story of one of the freest
November 9 category:Books
Our Lady of Our Lady by Alexis Ragougneau. Viviane Hamy, 250p., 17 €. DR This is a ballet Alexis Ragougneau invites us in his first detective novel Lady of Our Lady ballet between the moral, legal, faith and reason ... multiplying confrontations betw
November 9 category:Books
A book one day, a book by Olivier Barrot always. La Martinière In your literary program broadcast on Saturday on France 3, An ever book, you present the classics of French literature. How did you get the urge to collect them in a book? To be honest,
November 9 category:Books
Literary chronicle of François Busnel. DR Can a book change your life? This is at the heart of the new book by Jean-Christophe Rufin. Because we are in a novel and the author masked ahead, while subtle, nothing is ever formulated in such abrupt and y
November 6 category:Books
In April 1961 in Algiers General Edmond Jouhaud, Raoul Salan, Maurice Challe and defy de Gaulle. AFP Just a sentence vacharde to destroy a reputation. General Zeller, Challe, Salan and Jouhaud, authors of the coup of 21 April 1961 in Algiers, have no
November 6 category:Books
Legally unknown father, François Cloarec. Phoebus French literature It begins as an investigation. We said we will follow this woman until she found her father. And on page 31, we know his name. And therefore a masterful history lesson we receive. Th
November 3 category:Books
Archive photo of the French historian Jacques Le Goff. Sassier The renowned French medievalist Jacques Le Goff, one of the fathers of the "New History" died Tuesday in Paris at the age of 90, his family said in the world.
November 1 category:Books
Literary chronicle of François Busnel. DR Repeat. Write it again. No, dear cynical, the novel is not dead! A force to look into this beautiful corpse they believe backwards, proponents of this eternal cliché only reveal the extent of their ignorance.
November 1 category:Books
Jean-Noël Pancrazi pare the City of Light new colors. © C. HÉLIE / Gallimard / SDP Long, author of Dollars sands and Montecristi left under the Dominican sun to meet young people left behind account before leaving the island forever, "that great
October 23 category:Books
Should we see in this transcript of the poem came a smiley there almost 4 centuries, or just an error in the editor? Screenshot Express "I discovered what appears to be the first emoticon of history!" The American blogger Levi Stah shared M
October 22 category:Books
Coming Dargaud, life at the Château under François Hollande, Mathieu Sapin. © Mathieu Sapin He escaped the reshuffle and nobody talked about it. For ten months, the author of comic Mathieu Sapin comes regularly to the Elysee to work on her new album:
October 19 category:Books
The third component of childhood memories of the brother of Lawrence Durrell. © Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Him is Gerald, the last of the siblings Durrell, naturalist and zoologist emeritus (he founded the Jersey Zoo). Less known in France a
October 16 category:Books
Gilbert Sinoué reveals the true face of a great man, Gandhi. Screenshot YouTube This is a very surprising and original portrait of Gandhi we brush Gilbert Sinoué. Based on historical facts and authentic correspondence, the novel is written in the fir
October 15 category:Books
Arnaldur Indridason, Icelandic author publishes The Duel. O.ROLLER / MÉTAILIÉ Your new novel, The Duel, takes place in 1972, during the Cold War, on the occasion of a chess championship. Why did you choose such a historic setting? When I finished wri
October 10 category:Books
Never butterflies do not travel by Régis Franc (Fayard News). 192p., 17 €. Fayard News If I had to hold on a new collection of twenty Régis Franc, I would choose the one that speaks without hesitation reunion between two Frenchies with an old friend,
October 6 category:Books
Pascal Bruckner (here in 2007) published "A good son" without pathos portrait of a bad father. REUTERS / Mihai Barbu We imagined with a yarmulke, he wore the Tyrolean hat. Marais child was believed, was his Heimat Austria, fir homeland and

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