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November 17 category:Business Ideas
DBT CEV-SME manufactures rapid charging stations for electric vehicles. DBT-CEV Monday, March 17, Arnaud Montebourg celebrated the installation of an electric charging station in the courtyard of Bercy. A first of its kind, symbolic signal of the imp
November 11 category:Business Ideas
This start-up prints content on toilet paper: advertisers and have a new way to communicate and distributors do not have to pay for the PQ. Qublicité While some predict the announced end of the paper media, others are swimming against the current, an
November 5 category:Business Ideas
The start-up Running Heroes allows riders to take advantage of coupons from partners if their sporting goals were achieved. Running Heroes While nearly six million French trample bitumen each week, the Running Heroes startups trying to ride the wave
November 2 category:Business Ideas
The start up Hemarina develops a molecule derived from a marine worm to carry oxygen in the blood. Hemarina While 100 million liters of blood shortage in the world each year, and only 2% of French answer calls to the donation, the Breton Hemarina sta
October 20 category:Business Ideas
Cardboard and wooden toys come in a carrying case that includes all the accessories for game times, poetry and theater. Site: Innovation is also reinventing tradition and found appreciation of shadow theater. This is the about Coco fr
October 14 category:Business Ideas
Zephyr project aims to build a photovoltaic kite, especially for refugees camps. Zephyr In refugee camps, often dilapidated, the question of energy is fundamental, as it allows a minimum comfort. Currently, electricity usually comes to noisy generato
September 17 category:Business Ideas
Ready to grow will cultivate mushrooms at home, in faissant push them in coffee grounds. Ready to push While the term "local" has turned into a real selling point, especially in the food sector, the start-up Ready to push goes even further,
August 29 category:Business Ideas
Wisembly tries to help companies better manage their meetings and conferences. Wisembly For many companies, the organization of meetings or conferences often means loss of time. Prepare a conference, invite people to follow up while allowing particip
August 14 category:Business Ideas
The start-up Pysae geolocates real-time bus. Pysae In rural areas, in small and medium-sized cities, or school networks, know the exact arrival time of a bus is not a trivial matter. He should soon be possible to access this information on their smar
July 19 category:Business Ideas
Tired of public swimming pools? And if you rent the pool in a private home for a few hours? This is what provides the start-up Fewhourz, founded by Jean Rodriguez Kinouani, Olivier Butstraen and Walid Jouhri. Fewhourz Launched in June 2014, the idea
July 17 category:Business Ideas
Victor Dewitt and Thierry Bezier, founders of the site, Recipay Earn money by cooking. This is what offer Thierry Bezier and Victor Dewitt, the founders of the Previously, Thierry Bezier was notably head of digital fo
July 2 category:Business Ideas negotiates deals with sending packages of fifteen carriers to offer on its site for individuals and professionals. Delivery Man designed by jon trillana from the Noun Project After 6 years at the head of Geopost England, Jean-Bapti
July 1 category:Business Ideas
Difficult for a recruiter to verify all degrees of a candidate ... Reuters After four years at Altran passed as business manager, David Goldenberg chose to start his own business with Pierre-David Dewaele in 2010. Headquartered in Brussels, CVTrust o
June 25 category:Business Ideas
Hospi My Friends is a social network launched in March 2013 to allow patients to discuss hsopitalisés according to their affinities. My Friends Hospi Sometimes the best ideas are born in the worst moments. Julien Artu, 32, knows something. The young
June 15 category:Business Ideas
The awards ceremony was opened by Anne Hidalgo, chaired by Jean-Louis Missika will be held Tuesday, December 2 at the City of Fashion and Design. Henri Garat / Paris City Hall They were 467, they are no more than 40. These are the finalists of the 13
June 9 category:Business Ideas
The box plugs into your TV. The headphones then broadcasts the soundtrack of their choice, ie audio description or not. Lucien Zoromi It all starts with the promise of a father to his daughter. "I had a child who is blind. When my daughter lost
May 14 category:Business Ideas
Parisian start-up plans to expand its service to the whole of France, once it has signed a partnership with a large commercial sign. Efiester "When organizing a party or the host will move for everyone and hope everyone will think to repay or ev
December 20 category:Business Ideas
Edible packaging for yogurt or even ice: the challenge of start-up Franco-American Designs WikiCell which just raised $ 10 million to develop its products, which it wishes to market in 2013. DR As the skin surrounding a fruit, these packages are as a
December 18 category:Business Ideas
The ekestrian site is a sport horse sales platform. It sets achetuers relationship and vendors and supports the administrative part of the transaction. DR She decided to combine business and passion. Rider for many years, Claire-Quantin Aline, 26, ha
December 17 category:Business Ideas
How many people currently queuing at the checkout of your supermarket? Founded in late 2012 in New York by the French, Placemeter answers the question by providing the étbalissement (store, restaurant, etc.) a box containing a wireless camera and sen

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