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November 8 category:Business
Pierre Gattaz can rejoice. As expected of MEDEF, Thursday, March 27, 2014, the Constitutional Council ruled that the obligation for an employer to accept a serious takeover offer and the competence entrusted to the commercial court to appreciate, wit
November 3 category:Business
In full redesign, the Minister for SMEs, Innovation and Digital Flower Pellerin is supported on Twitter by entrepreneurs Net, wishing she retains his position. DR Do not pluck the flower government! This heartfelt pushed by net entrepreneurs is becom
December 20 category:Business
Patrice Cassard has announced surprisingly the sale of its site DR Patrice Cassard wants to turn the page. The entrepreneur, founder and very active on social networks, revealed the premiere of his cho
December 20 category:Business
The delegation of G20 entrepreneurs at the last summit held in Moscow in June 2013, at the initiative of this series of measures to promote the growth of French SMEs. DR Taking advantage of being in Bercy as part of their Annual Conference [contracto
December 18 category:Business
For now, BPI has granted 800 million euros pre-financing (CICE) and funded a total of 3,500 cases, said Mr Dufourcq this Monday, June 24, 2013. Stéphane Grangier It is long overdue. And now companies who sulks. BPI has entered the heart of the matter
December 16 category:Business
In opening the Annual Conference of Entrepreneurs together on 12 November in Bercy an audience of business leaders, Pierre Moscovici interacted for more than thirty minutes with Laurence Parizot, the owner of the MEDEF. Dufour Hope bette
December 13 category:Business
The pension reform project to "secure our system, correct injustices", presented on 18 September in the Council of Ministers is not suitable for very small patterns (barometer Ifop / Fiducial. They seraint by cons in favor of a gradual depa
December 7 category:Business
The Labour Minister Michel Sapin said Friday, April 26 that the fight against unemployment was "the only issue" that was gathering. Reuters After the publication of the March figures indicating 3.2 million job seekers, Michel Sapin, Ministe
November 28 category:Business
"In the present state of things, in a generally liberal society, small businesses that are struggling with the quality to win tenders. It is clear that large groups, which may subcontract out in the Europe will always be best placed laments on M
November 23 category:Business
Benoît Hamon, Deputy Minister for Social and Solidarity Economy, presented at an official ceremony this January 10, 2014, the list of territorial centers of economic cooperation selected as part of the call for proposals launched this summer. Lexpres
November 22 category:Business
Dubbed "the method conference," the meeting scheduled tomorrow at Matignon Tuesday, June 5 should allow, in addition to setting the agenda of "agree" on "participants" social conference in July, A week after
November 21 category:Business
The chief executive of the PSA group was received by Jean-Marc Ayrault at Matignon on Monday 25 July. Reuters Philippe Varin, CEO of PSA, reiterated Monday Matignon commitment that there would be no redundancies in the automotive group and "maxi
November 19 category:Business
This is a woman who has the most followers on Twitter in the world: a young unknown named ... Lady Gaga. Dahmane It was the big info from last weekend: Lady Gaga (ladygaga) exceeded 20 million Twitter followers. An absolute record in the world, men a
November 17 category:Business
Despite rising unemployment figures and a new record expected Thursday, May 30 with the release of the April figures, Francois Hollande wants to believe in an inversion of the curve. Reuters In late March, France beat a sad record. She has never had
November 15 category:Business
Arnaud Montebourg, Minister of Productive Recovery, spoke on French firms competitive factors on Tuesday 29th October. Before an audience of business leaders at the headquarters of MEDEF in Paris. REUTERS / Charles Platiau Discuss on the conditions f
November 10 category:Business
Tuesday 9 April, the Minister for Small Business and the Digital Economy Fleur Pellerin must formally collect the 44 proposals of each of the leaders of the 9 Focus on the working groups Entrepreneurship. "Every leader should be given priority i
November 7 category:Business
The new secretary general of the CFDT, laurent shepherd succeeded François Chérèque at the head of the union Thursday, November 29. The CFDT is willing to negotiate some points of the agreement on flexibility. AFP / d.charlet Very popular in Germany,
November 6 category:Business
When entrepreneurs living in Paris, February 5, and Pierre Thibault Lanxade Gattaz (MEDEF) presented 10 measures for entrepreneurs. DR The presence of the MEDEF to entrepreneurs living room was a small event. The opportunity for Pierre Gattaz to retu
November 3 category:Business
The president of MEDEF strongly criticized the tracks of the Moreau report on pension reform during his press conference on 18 June, the last of his mandate. REUTERS / Charles Platiau At its last monthly conference MEDEF, Laurence Parisot has spared
November 2 category:Business
In 2012, twenty years after launching his workshop, shoemaker Christian Louboutin stars weighs 140 million. DR Christian Louboutin launches in cosmetics. Friday 11 May, Voice release, the famous shoe designer has announced the creation of a joint ven

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