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November 28 category:Career Management
On the occasion of the Day of Women's Rights, lawyer Mary-Daphne Fishelson analyzes the implications of the draft law on gender equality. Flickr / shoothead The Cabinet Garanderie & Associates The draft law on gender equality it contains crucial
November 17 category:Career Management
Industrial companies like Bosch have several advantages in terms of employer branding. Reuters / Thierry Roge "Industrial companies like Bosch have several advantages in terms of employer brand. There is a lot more industry for a year, and in te
November 17 category:Career Management
For the first time, the privileged attractiveness criteria by most and least 35 years differ significantly. Reuters / Rick Wilking A good hand is worth two in the bush? This year, while leading a modest recovery of the economy, French employees seem
November 3 category:Career Management
Laurence has left his company because of overwork, but especially after the deviant behavior of his employer. The tribunal has reclassified this departure dismissal without just cause. Reuters / Shannon Stapleton 15:30. Laurence and his lawyer approa
October 5 category:Career Management
"The law mandates a range wide enough tools." Estelle Sauvat, Executive Director of Sodie. JEROME CHATIN / EXPANSION Medical delegate in a major pharmaceutical company, Sophie is getting ready for his third plan safeguarding employment (PSE
September 16 category:Career Management
A senior manager is dismissed for refusing the objectives considered "unattainable" set by his company. Before the tribunal, he pleaded dismissal without just cause. Reuters / Suzanne Plunkett 3:45 p.m.. The president is surrounded by three
August 26 category:Career Management
Residency director for older people must respect the rules, the labor court judge. Otherwise, it can be dismissed for serious misconduct. Reuters / Jon Jones / Handout 16h. The president is surrounded by a counselor and two counselors. Two lawyers ar
August 19 category:Career Management
From 1 July for executives who leave their business with a check equal to or greater than 16 200 euros, the waiting period will reach the new ceiling set to 180 days instead of 75 days currently. Reuters / Suzanne Plunkett From 1 July 2014, the new u
July 24 category:Career Management
A vigil Auchan, installed in the monitoring room, looked at the quarter-final of the World Cup one of the receivers pointing to a retransmitting the meeting screen. REUTERS / Eddie Keogh The case dates back to July 4 at the quarter-final between Germ
July 9 category:Career Management
The beginning of September is the perfect time to make an appointment with your boss and take stock of your professional future. istock Arriving this morning at the office, you want to share your holiday memories? Direction the coffee machine to reco
June 19 category:Career Management
Valerie resigned because of stress. She asked the tribunal that his departure is considered a breach of his employment contract by the employer. REUTERS / Ivan Milutinovic Labor disputes to the Industrial Tribunal reflect our social history declined
May 2 category:Career Management
Laid off, the director of a school of higher education bring the matter before the tribunal. He said he requested the termination of his contract to a lack of transparency of accounts. Reuters / Suzanne Plunkett Labor disputes to the Industrial Tribu
December 20 category:Career Management
CANADA - Immigration is not always a peaceful way, but it is worth it to hang. DR They dreamed for a long time. Each year, Nathalie and Laurent went to the forum employment Destination Canada in Paris. Of this vast country, Nathalie Sombié, 35, a pro
December 15 category:Career Management
An employee demonstrates incompetence when it is unable to perform his duties because of lack of skills. AFP / JEAN-PIERRE MULLER In practice, it may under what circumstances an employee be fired for incompetence? Me Julien Boutiron: An employee demo
December 12 category:Career Management
Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Argentina. Julien is curious to all countries. (Here Quebec). REUTERS / Mathieu Belanger On the eve of his 30th birthday, Julien Villefranque already deliveryman bike in Australia, radio host Vietnam, second che
December 8 category:Career Management
When will pay transparency in companies? Just over a third of employees are aware of the salaries paid by their employers, according to a survey for the site Glassdoor. Huguen Well protected in their sealed envelopes, payroll forms a
December 8 category:Career Management
Planete Urgence / DL Work during his holidays. This is the formula chosen by more and more employees who leave make short stays humanitarian their vacation time. Program, biodiversity protection, building construction, tutoring, computer training ...
December 7 category:Career Management
"Companies are increasingly demanding and employees less motivated." Flickr / Lars Plougman A happy society at work, is not it a provocative title in these times of crisis? The title may seem provocative but now I firmly believe that Wester
November 26 category:Career Management
© C. Ablain / reindeer Métropole Poitiers, the winner of our list in 2012, is a 'normal' town, not bling for two pennies. It is in tune with the times, but it still surprises. In trying to understand the recipe of the capital of Poitou, we noticed th
November 24 category:Career Management
After its general meeting of 28 April, GDF-Suez could boast "the most feminized board of the CAC 40". Flickr / jepoirrier As of April 28, 2015, women may be more likely than men to GDF-Suez Board. The group held on that date a general meeti

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