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July 30 category:Culture, Music
Jeremy Brother and Florent Delavega defend their first album Francos. DR 1. Have you become a singer by chance or by vocation? By chance [chorus]. We knew of view, the high school, then as seasonal lifeguards at sea was -on the guitar brought us toge
July 23 category:Culture, Music
At 70, Johnny Hallyday continues his career. His biggest titles are listed on the web, with more or less success. REUTERS Line Renaud is a permières to have seen the shy young man of 17 years of "showman" what became Johnny Hallyday. April
July 10 category:Culture, Music
Miossec co-wrote with his friend Alain Bashung want on the song Let The Reckless (2002). B.Turquier / L'Express What is Alain Bashung for you? It was a real singer who had a stomach ache to get out his records. There is no one above is the absolute m
July 8 category:Culture, Music
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 20: Ryan Lewis Macklemore and backstage at BET's "106 & Park" at BET Studios on May 20, 2013 in New York City. Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images for BET / AFP AFP Macklemore, Macklemore ... 90% of Internet users who read
April 25 category:Culture, Music
Paolo Nutini DR After two planetary success - his albums These Streets and Sunny Side Up have sold nearly 4 million copies - in 2009, Paolo Nutini said "no." The status of pop star depressed him: "The money that's great, but too much p
April 9 category:Culture, Music
The metal music festival opens Friday Hellfest in Clisson its seventh edition, in Loire-Atlantique and expects 100,000 people. A fan of Hellfest. Friday, June 15 marks the start of the meta "Hellfest music festival. The rock lovers find themselv
December 5 category:Culture, Music
The French electro-pop singer Christine and the Queens (Heloise Letissier) July 12, 2012 in La Rochelle during the 28th Festival Francopholies. Leoty How did you find Alain Bashung? I discovered Bashung for the first time when my paren
December 2 category:Culture, Music
Damien Saez during his concert Sunday, July 14 at the Francofolies festival (2013) in La Rochelle. XAVIER LEOTY Flammable, carnal, rebellious, abrupt, militant, incantatory, lyrical ... The same words back to qualify Saez, 35, 9 Albums- some double o
November 30 category:Culture, Music
Poetry Festival Voice of the Mediterranean Lodève (Hérault), of 16 to 21 July. At nightfall, the poetry readings and performances continue at the edge of the water. Paula Rocha Music The Festival de Radio France et Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon 20
October 23 category:Culture, Music
Woodkid was a triumph, Monday, June 1, at the jazz festival in Montreal. Montreal Jazz Festival 9. A song she changed your life? Changed, maybe not, but a piece strongly marked the direction that I took on the project Woodkid: Pruit Igloe, Philip Gla
October 10 category:Culture, Music
The group of Montpellier Marvin as part of the Summer Camp, scenic project designed with tire, Electric and Electric Paper Tiger, October 18, 2014 at CentQuatre in Paris. François Cano They are placed at the entrance to the room and no one will compl
August 27 category:Culture, Music
The 2013 edition of Belfort Eurockeennes, which ends Sunday with the exclusive concert in France Blur was the busiest in 25 years of the festival with about 127,000 visitors in four days, organizers said.ébastien Bozon "The four days o
June 30 category:Culture, Music
At Ground Zero, the Royal Palace, or on the Esplanade des Invalides, this Friday, June 21, the feast of music seizes Paris and other cities in France. Lp digital In Paris, in the provinces, but also in a hundred countries, thousands of concerts are p
May 20 category:Culture, Music
Alain Bashung (1947 - 2009) was a French singer-songwriter and actor. He became an important figure of the song and French rock from the early 1980s and has influenced many singers of the new French scene. YouTube Capture The genesis "The succes
May 1 category:Culture, Music
A voice deep blues. An electric presence. Remember the name of this British singer discovered in the Paris metro. Provided musical slap. Micky Clement It is an actor Benjamin input Clementine knows how to capture the light and attention. - Slowly he
December 3 category:Culture, Music
David Bowie Dr His record, released on March 11, was as unexpected as great. Full of arrangements which can only David Bowie, rock and terribly exciting for the depth of his autobiographical texts, The Next Day has just received official recognition
November 2 category:Culture, Music
For Aline, the social network Twitter is "a bit austere." ® Daarwin aKa On tour, what is your most fragile part of the body? My brain is my worst enemy. I can quickly lose ground, so I pay attention. The shameful proposal (on) a fan? Joker.
October 31 category:Culture, Music
The excellent compilation Calypso. Musical poetry in the Caribbean 1955-1968 (Soul Jazz) unearths covers of standards accompanied by lesser known nuggets produced at a time when the success of this style was declining internationally. DR The carnival
October 29 category:Culture, Music
Today fifties or sixties and still popular twelve Clodettes know Thursday if the high court (TGI) in Paris in their favor in their efforts to get 16,000 euros each for the dissemination of images on TV or DVD of their choreographies.çois
October 16 category:Culture, Music
This compilation published by Soul Jazz Records resumes titles produced by Clement "Coxsone" Dodd (1932-2004) - Studio One label creator, Kingston - and marks, Jamaica, the transition from ska to rock steady. DR These are gems that have not

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