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November 29 category:Education
Paris Sorbonne University and UPMC. Two French universities retain a place in the winners of THE (Times Higher Education) based on reputation, published March 5, 2014. AFP / Stephane Sakutin Municipal elections 2014. Marie-Christine Lemardeley (Sorbo
November 19 category:Education
A foundation is planning to present the award for best teacher in the world. At stake: a reward of one million dollars. REUTERS / Brian Snyder In search of the best teacher! The Varkey Gems Foundation began searching the best teacher in the world. In
November 12 category:Education
Too often, the information given on the ballots mingle happily school evaluation and judgment on the attitude. Florin "Completing a school newsletter is a demanding and challenging task for teaching teams [including] the goal i
October 31 category:Education
Ranking of schools: in 2013, the small specialty high schools did better than larger elite institutions. At the top of the regions, the South East, the Paris region and the great West. Office The winners of the 2014 vintage high school
October 24 category:Education
According to Le Parisien, the new system would take the form of an online software on the Internet. Meyer Soon the end dictation bad grades? This exercise othographe, which has probably scored more than one, will soon be changed to pri
October 17 category:Education
The Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Genevieve Fioraso. AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK How long does the government he will avoid a crisis in universities -because the question now arises as well in these terms; this crisis is immin
October 14 category:Education
Commerce student attending a conference at the University of Stockholm. NACKSTRAND When students note the course Rate and comment on an ongoing platform for exchange. This is the challenge of two students at Telecom ParisTech, who cr
October 9 category:Education
The Minister of Education Benoit Hamon will have major projects to manage school time to ABCD equality. [Exclusive] It is a document of 378 pages, entitled "Dossier Minister" and offers an overview of all the projects which the ne
October 2 category:Education
The Minister of Education Benoit Hamon, April 17, 2014 in Maxeville in eastern France It was one of the recurring demands of elected facing difficulties in the implementation of the reform of school time. Wednesday morning on France Inter,
September 30 category:Education
Collective event "field trips with us!" in November 2013 at Blanc-Mesnil, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Capture Collective School outing with us "You have to look case by case and be discerning." Monday morning on BFM TV, the Minister of
September 28 category:Education
In the US, the gray matter creates jobs. More reason to get started. Prof. E. Cabanis / Inserm The first is horizontal and runs all along California's Silicon Valley, a succession of six-lane highways lined with huge parking lots and buildings low fo
September 25 category:Education
Benoit Hamon dropped a claim almost forgotten: the pre-return an August 29th. There are two kinds of education ministers: the men of the seraglio, those who know the house (Bayrou, Peillon, Darcos) and political pure (Chatel, Fillon). The
September 24 category:Education
The Minister of Education Benoit Hamon terminates the blur after the confusion born Thursday around the school year. End of the controversy? Blur surrounding the 2014 school year with questions about possible elimination of the pre-autumn t
September 20 category:Education
And if teachers were paid on merit? REUTERS / Eric Gaillard Merit pay for teachers is one of the finest sea snakes debates regularly trouble the teacher microcosm. One of those ideas that may appear attractive in the first analysis. But mainly for th
September 3 category:Education
The Minister of Education and Higher Education Benoît Hamon tries to clear the trapped field of school time. Reuters Benoît Hamon goes to the front. According to our information, the Minister of Education will hold its first real press conference Fri
August 24 category:Education
Terminus of the students in the Bachelor of Philosophy event June 16, 2011 in high school Camille See in Paris Office After the test of philosophy bacccalauréat is about the history and geography students of final year of the general r
August 23 category:Education
S chain Students brainstormed this morning on the physics and chemistry. Office Aroma synthesis Higgs boson and Curiosity: this was the program of 3:30 test of physical chemistry for students of the Bachelor of S. sector With a coeffic
August 23 category:Education
687,000 students are working this week to get their parchment Djenan Marco was twenty. Monday, June 16, he came out with enthusiasm of the philosophy of the trough test. Topic - "do we live to be happy?" - Was a great inspiration. After two
August 21 category:Education
The movement of the Yellow Jackets groups of parents opposed the reform of school time. Screenshot Yellow Jackets' Association In less than three weeks of summer vacation, yellow jackets have decided to remember the good memories of the Minister of E
August 16 category:Education
The Minister of Education denies any abandonment of ABCD equality. REUTERS / Charles Platiau "We'll be ambitious about program content", recording the culture of gender equality, said Benoît Hamon, Minister of National Education, Higher Edu

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