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November 30 category:Fashion
Obama and Putin have called on the Ukrainian crisis. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst Live Update This live is completed. Thank you for follow-up. You can find updated information on the situation in Ukraine by clicking on our record. The key points to remem
November 27 category:Fashion
The singer Jenifer in the advertising campaign Halle spring-summer 2014. Courtesy of Halle The claw sweet priced clothing Halle is offered a new start and settled in March on the Parisian boulevards. With the arrival of the second lines by N Naf Naf,
November 25 category:Fashion
The sportswear look is no longer reserved for rappers. Neal Preston / Corbis If you are one of those people for whom the term sportswear exclusively evokes images greens, tennis clubs, at most, casual fridays at the office, this article is for you. F
November 22 category:Fashion
Terry Richardson at the Vanity Fair Oscar night, March 2, 2014. REUTERS Terry Richardson is it a sexual predator? "No," replied the American photographer of 48 years who decided to break the silence in a letter unveiled by celebrity website
November 14 category:Fashion
NKM. REUTERS Live Update Reactions and analyzes Reactions, analyzes, comments: follow a new live day after the first round. 24.03.2014 at 07:42 Good night everyone! This live is now closed. Thank you for watching this election night with us. See you
November 12 category:Fashion
3 Suisses stop their catalog. 3 Suisses The adolescentss who fantasized about lingerie catalog pages 3 Suisses will be disappointed. After 82 years of existence, the giant of distance selling (VAD) will give up his "big book", published twi
November 12 category:Fashion
The Wren Scott's funeral will take place in Los Angeles REUTERS The funeral of the American designer L'Wren Scott, Mick Jagger's girlfriend since 2001, found dead this Monday, March 17, 2014 in his apartment in New York, will take place in Los Angele
November 2 category:Fashion
The first capsule collection Mosaert, the ready-to-wear Stromae signed. Courtesy of Mosaert / Frieke Janssens Since September 2009, the idea of ​​a clothing collection made its way gradually. The ultrapolyvalent Stromae bedecked like clothes he wears
October 27 category:Fashion
The custom bag Longchamp Folding. Courtesy of Longchamp Have a personal bag from A to Z, according to their tastes and desires of the moment, it's possible at Longchamp. The leather goods brand launches a new service: The Leather Folding and The Fold
October 24 category:Fashion
The mayor of Mariupol, eastern Ukraine. REUTERS / Stringer Live Update Update on the events of Monday 14 This live is now complete. A point on the events of that Monday, April 14 in Ukraine, where the situation is still very tense. - The pro-Russian
October 16 category:Fashion
Terry Richardson blacklisted by the US Vogue REUTERS The boycott of Terry Richardson was he heard by the US Vogue? The US edition of the magazine directed by Anna Wintour has announced that it did not intend to call him again. "The last mission
October 15 category:Fashion
Uniqlo opens new store of 820 square meters in the Marais in Paris. Courtesy of Thomas Lohr for Uniqlo All that glitters is not really the credo of Uniqlo. The brand of ready-to-wear Japanese, known for its timeless basics, nevertheless thought Nakac
October 11 category:Fashion
Prime Minister Manuel Valls will try to convince members of the need to vote in favor of his plan to 50 billion euros in savings. Feferberg Live Update The Stability Pact, the text that has most divided the PS group since the beginning o
October 4 category:Fashion
François Hollande evoked in a book on Manuel Valls, his relationship with the former interior minister, who was appointed to Beauveau not for his rallying after the Socialist primary but for its "efficiency" and "knowledge "Folder
September 16 category:Fashion
Rihanna asks 60,000 pounds (about 74.00 euros) to come to the forefront of a parade. REUTERS To make an appearance in the front row of a fashion show, some stars do not hesitate to ask for money and benefits of all kinds. Trademarks are willing to pa
September 14 category:Fashion
For the first time in its history, the FN won a national election. AFP Live Update This is the end of this live. Thank you for follow-up. That is what we must remember: - Sunday's poll for the first time placed the FN ahead of a vote in France, with
September 9 category:Fashion
Last year, the Stade de France, Castres won the Brennus Shield at the expense of Toulon Bakies Botha and Jonny Wilkinson. Langlois Live Update This is the end of this comment live. Thank you to you all for having followed. Good eveni
September 7 category:Fashion
Brazil invites Monoprix Courtesy of Monoprix It's not just football in the land of Pele. The French chain has understood. Known for his sharp collaborations - Alexis Mabille, Hussein Chalayan and Roseanna this season Monoprix draws this time in the p
September 4 category:Fashion
The success of American brands Service / Condé Nast / Corbis They were beige, they were brilliant. The Americans and their paradox. In the late 1970s, American fashion can be summarized in two shades. On one hand, this desire WASP sets out a differen
September 1 category:Fashion
Luc Chatel on arrival at the UMP political office. Screenshot BFMTV Live Update The Juppe Raffarin-Fillon-trio takes the leadership of the party general secretary Chatel The Juppe Raffarin-Fillon-trio takes the leadership, Luc Chatel Secretary Genera

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