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November 4 category:Flavors, TV
Anne-Cécile Degenne was formed by Michel Bras. His last position was in Manila. OLIVIER / M6 PIERRE "It's make or break." Thibault the tone of the evening from the first test. In the eleventh episode of Top Chef 2014, Monday, March 31, M6,
October 18 category:Flavors, TV
Pierre in the final of Top Chef 2014 in the Chateau de Chambord. Pierre Olivier / M6 Pierre Augé, the head of Béziers in singing accent and hard worker, is the Top Chef 2014 Final professional culinary competition M6 aired this Monday, April 21, has
August 8 category:Flavors, TV
Thierry Marx was on the jury of Top Chef since the beginning of the show. MaxPPP Thierry Marx will not be sworn Top Chef on M6. So do not join Jean-François Trap Ghislaine Arabian and Christian Constant for the sixth season of the culinary competitio
November 27 category:Flavors, TV
Valentin came face to Jean-Philippe and Fabien last chance, unfortunately, it did not convince the jury. J. Knaub / M6 It remains only seven: Candidates for Top Chef saw Valentin Neraudeau leave Toulouse, after the last chance race. Became at 19 the
October 30 category:Flavors, TV
From left to right, the promo Top Chef 2012: Cyrille Zen Jean Imbert, Mehdi Kebboul Amélie Langlais, Carl Gillain, Denny Imbroisi Gerald Guille, Norbert Tarayre, Tabata Bonardi, Florent Pietravalle, Noemie HONIAT Ruben Sarfati, Juan Arbelaez, Julien
October 2 category:Flavors, TV
TELEVISION - The sixth episode of Masterchef saw Cedric and Tamara leave the workshop. TF1 Competition is intensifying in the kitchens of Masterchef. To join the top 10, Thursday, September 28, the eleven candidates had to show the extent of their ta
September 3 category:Flavors, TV
MASTERCHEF - Simon, 28, of Toulouse, is removed from the televised competition. Ludovic and Pierre will cook the suspense of the final. TF1 The trio of candidates, "survivors" Masterchef, Thursday, November 1st, it's Simon, the Toulouse aut
August 31 category:Flavors, TV
TELE - Between Top Chef and Masterchef, our heart does not scale that much. DR So, for what cooking show your little heart beats cook? We give you our tracks ... Audience: TF1 leader, yes, but ... Masterchef at startup with 4.2 million viewers, 600,0
August 25 category:Flavors, TV
MASTERCHEF - For the final Thursday, November 8, Stone, musician Nogent-sur-Seine face Ludovic, the foreman came from Saint-Pol-sur-Mer. C.Chevalin / TF1 After the ouster of Simon and Pierre Ludovic, both Masterchef finalists, will address Thursday,
August 8 category:Flavors, TV
Go to meet passers markets and cook recipes from the contents of their shopping bags: Here the challenge will report Abdel Alaoui in the emission Street Kitchen. Design Studio Open Your Mic / DR Go to meet passers markets and cook recipes from the co
August 8 category:Flavors, TV
From left to right: Stéphane Rotenberg, Christian Constant, Thierry Marx, Jean François Trap Ghislaine Arabian and Cyril Lignac. Pierre Olivier / M6 Kitchen fans sharpening their knives. Monday 20 January, the cooking competition Top Chef returns to
August 5 category:Flavors, TV
Sylvie Lancrenon / M6 The chief star of the M6 ​​publishes its September 26 cookbook from his restaurant, The Meadows Chardenoux (Hachette practice). Review your Lignac with this quiz necessarily very "greedy". The chief star of the M6 ​​pu
August 3 category:Flavors, TV
Top chef has returned! Cyril Lignac, Stéphane Rotenberg, Vincent, Latifa, Jean-Philippe and Aurelian, in the first round of the supermarket. J.Knaub / M6 First round, ah want in a Auchan -partenaire happy to transmission-around everyday products: can
July 31 category:Flavors, TV
The new cookery program proposed by France 2 debuts last night with four stars jurors including Christophe Michalak and Christophe Adam. Screen Capture / France 2 Who will be the next great baker began Tuesday, July 2, 2013 on France 2. On the progra
July 28 category:Flavors, TV
The cooking show comes time for an evening on December 22 in his junior version, with eight candidates aged 9 to 13 years. Same tests, same jury. TF1 "They are between 9 and 13 years, they have a common passion. The kitchen." Attention teen
July 12 category:Flavors, TV
Thierry, Ghislaine Arabian, and Annie, made their appearance in episode 3 of Top Chef 2013 on Monday 18th February. J.Knaub / M6 Jean-Philippe: "The Miss France, they are large, well-dressed Finally here, there is worse anyway.". Yoni:
July 5 category:Flavors, TV
None of the leaders who make up the jury MasterChef did not detect errors in the recipe for the salad nicoise made in the final of the show on 20 December. TF1 Friday, December 20th was held the final of the famous cooking contest TF1 MasterChef. Opp
June 28 category:Flavors, TV
Cyril Lignac ask children their views on cakes. OLIVIER / M6 PIERRE Remove the table and beach towels. This Monday, March 24, Top Chef, M6, we released the great game of emotion. And the seven remaining candidates will not fail to have larmichette to
June 8 category:Flavors, TV
Stephane Rotenberg, left the new panel of Top Chef: Jean-François Trap Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze, Michel Sarran. Pierre Olivier / M6 After the announcement of the departure of Thierry Marx, Christian Constant and Ghislaine Arabian jury of To
June 5 category:Flavors, TV
Norbert Tarayre and Jean Imbert will host a show together on M6. P.Olivier / M6 "Norbert and Jean, the stars of Top Chef, cook come home!" Can be read on the website of the M6, looking for families of 4 or more children aged between 4 and 1

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