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November 29 category:High Tech
Poker away some rugs to interfere in our smartphones. Getty Images / iStockphoto The major players in online poker have developed applications for smartphones to satisfy players who want to bet freely and nomadic manner. Winamax, a simple to use inte
November 18 category:High Tech
The iPhone 5C was supposed to be aimed particularly emerging countries in order to make up lost ground by Apple in smartphones. afp.com/Glenn Chapman Apple gripe about the price of its smartphone improperly presented by some as "low cost".
November 18 category:High Tech
(Illustrative photo) afp.com/Andreas Solaro Selfie accident at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. The museum staff found Tuesday a statue that dates from the nineteenth century -its damaged left leg fell down and broke. Blame it on a student
November 12 category:High Tech
For now, Google Glass is a prototype from 1000 euros reserved for "explorers". REUTERS / Carlo Allegri The small rectangular screen in front of the eye at the end of the branch of Google Glass makes it difficult to aesthetic object. But soo
November 11 category:High Tech
Kim Dotcom attempts to Mega Exchange resuming TRS Investments, an already listed company in New Zealand. Reuters / Simon Watts Kim Dotcom, pirate stock exchange? the founder of the website Megaupload.com deceased, accused by the US of fraud and hacki
November 7 category:High Tech
Superhero, video games, science fiction ... Short formats and offset Golden Mustache often draw their inspiration from the geek culture but not only. Screenshot Thursday, March 27, 8:22 p.m.. The public cinema Max Linder (Paris IX) is holding its bre
November 1 category:High Tech
The number of high-speed broadband access has reached the milestone of 2 million subscribers in late 2013. AFP PHOTO / FRED TANNEAU The number of subscriptions to high speed (VDSL2, Fiber, Cable) has reached the 2 million mark in France at the end of
October 31 category:High Tech
Vine, the video application of Twitter on Thursday announced the launch of an integrated instant messaging application. Screenshot blog.vine.co Vine, the application to show the world videos of six seconds on Thursday announced a major update. It wil
October 30 category:High Tech
Gunnar glasses have everything to delight gamers. Gunnar Health and new technologies do not always mix. In some people, the waves that pass through the antennas generate headaches or sleep disorders. But what is less known is that the "blue ligh
October 29 category:High Tech
Screenshot of the video game released in 192 AND Atari. Atari This is certainly the oldest and the most amazing urban legend of the video game that will be the developer in the coming weeks. There are a few days, the local newspaper Alamogordo News a
October 28 category:High Tech
Patrick Drahi succeeded his operation: Altice / Numericable bought SFR. REUTERS / Philippe WOJAZER "I am very happy for the employees, the industry and customers," said this morning at a press conference a Patrick Drahi smiling, welcoming t
October 28 category:High Tech
More than a billion smartphones were sold worldwide in 2013. afp.com/Nicolas Asfouri The Israeli startup StoreDot announced Tuesday to work at developing a high-performance battery able to recharge a smartphone in just 30 seconds. This prototype batt
October 26 category:High Tech
If your Mac is less vulnerable than a PC, it is not a reason not to protect it. Getty Images / iStockphoto If your Mac can do without an antivirus, it is sometimes better to prevent risks. We selected three high-performance software. Free and highly
October 26 category:High Tech
Just discovered Heartbleed already has a logo. Logically, a heart that bleeds. Heartbleed.com screenshot Heartbleed. Since Tuesday that name shook internet. This flaw in the OpenSSL encryption software, used by 66% of the active sites in the world, a
October 24 category:High Tech
Drones Solar Titan Aerospace arouse lust Facebook. Titan Aerospace Facebook wanted to acquire it, it's finally that Google takes all. It has an agreement with Titan Aerospace UAV manufacturer reports that Wall Street Journal Monday. The amount of the
October 22 category:High Tech
Jared Michael has not placed far enough from the train to take his Selfie. Screen Capture The Selfie is trendy, but a bit too much for some. Jared Michael, a teenager, wanted to achieve with a train passing behind him. Not really taste the driver who
October 18 category:High Tech
The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, founded the company in 1998. REUTERS / Enrique Marcarian The video service Netflix US demand in international expansion with an expected launch this year in France, announced Monday "increased (its monthly rate
October 13 category:High Tech
Premiere for L'Express, Manuel Valls lends his cut "Caesar" to Ségolène Royal smile ... © P.-E. Rastoin for L'Express Crossed it. Before he crosses us. If the facies William Titus-Carmel result of mixing two familiar faces, it would probabl
October 13 category:High Tech
These servers contain billions of information on consumer lifestyles. Peter Paul "If your question is technical, type 1, and if it is not a technical type 2" ... and of course "made star" if you get lost. Thanks to the operation o
October 10 category:High Tech
Axel Dauchez, the head of Deezer, will step down in September. REUTERS / Mal Langsdon Axel Dauchez decided to step down as CEO of streaming music site Deezer, said the French company, without giving the name of his successor. Deezer home since 2010,

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