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December 3 category:Marketing / Sales
SMEs surveyed by OSEO Excellence want more dialogue. Entrepreneurs suggest such lending by the major accounts, experienced staff to accompany them. They also propose to create within Key Accounts new functions "responsible relationships with SME
November 28 category:Marketing / Sales
François Kermoal, managing editor of The Enterprise Dahmane Take a classic news. And count the women who were interviewed as an expert. Whether to intervene on foreign policy, business, or even culture, their role is always reduced to a minimum. This
November 13 category:Marketing / Sales
radius, supermarket, shopping cart, distribution "We recommend that consumers be vigilant in reading their receipts and be systematically repay overpayments." The latest survey of the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Co
November 8 category:Marketing / Sales
shop, trade, grocery, seller, shop Getty Images / Goodshoot RF The activity of the French retail traders continued to recover in 2011, especially in certain non-food sectors, according to figures released Tuesday by the INSEE. Wholesale trade has als
October 27 category:Marketing / Sales
Georges-Edouard Dias calls for "reverse monitoring" (the band forms the chef is an old form ...) in order to accelerate the diffusion of digital marketing in the business! Etienne Gless How does it make digital marketing a new rupture in 20
October 11 category:Marketing / Sales
The future floating balances will be decided "in late February," said the press on Wednesday the Minister of Commerce, Sylvia Pinel. DR The round table on the future of floating balances held "in late February," said the press on
September 26 category:Marketing / Sales
The biggest commercial success Quirky? Pivot Power, a power strip sold $ 29 99 of which can be connected several large adapters. In less than two months, 400,000 copies had passed. Its inventor pocketed $ 350,000 in the process. DR "The availabl
September 17 category:Marketing / Sales
One click and the customer can leave. Xavier Xavier Court, Associate Director of, the error on the Internet does not forgive. Awareness that still takes in France. Maintenance. DR Why you bet much on customer service? With Jacques-An
September 14 category:Marketing / Sales
"We have five million paying subscribers in 180 countries," detailed Axel Dauchez, head of the platform streaming Deezer this Tuesday, November 6, 2013, at the launch of his new "home". DR In October 2012, Deezer raised 100 millio
September 5 category:Marketing / Sales
How to anticipate the needs of customers based on the weather. Climpact and Metnext, proposing to establish business forecasts for the effects of good and bad weather. Objective: adjust output or required strength. Getty Images A cold wave, and the c
August 31 category:Marketing / Sales
A study by SACEM-store music streaming improve by nearly 10% the perceived waiting time on hand. The Company Is there a link between music and purchase? Obviously yes to believe the results of a study * conducted by SACEM on music in the stores. Whil
August 28 category:Marketing / Sales
Philippe Bloch, founder of Columbus Café and author of Service Included 2.0 DR The PRI, the PRO, CAV VD, GNP, BFM, DEC, EDS, CC SME CGP, CTC, MSA, YES, OCP, CTC, CCGP, ICP, ADB PRO PAT, RCL, casualty, CLI PRO RAM. .. You're not dreaming, there has tw
August 21 category:Marketing / Sales
Arnaud Montebourg regretted, Tuesday, March 11, as the jerseys worn by the team of France Football for the World Cup 2014 will not be made in France. Arnaud Montebourg love so much "made in France", he dreams of seeing everywher
July 30 category:Marketing / Sales
E-commerce credits E-commerce is not ready to do away outlets. While it is now essential for a brand to have a website, customers prefer their physical stores, revealed Tuesday, September 11 the annual research firm OC & C on the attractiveness o
July 17 category:Marketing / Sales
In France, between 500,000 to 1 million people are followers of vapotage, this alternative to tobacco. Since opening its first store in early 2010, more than 150 specialty shops have appeared in French cities, a figure expected to double by the end o
July 17 category:Marketing / Sales
Radhouane Bouster, former champion of France and the world of running, converted into a commercial agent energy products such as Team Energy brand. He exhibited at Running Expo at the Paris Marathon EG 46,000 registered runners at the 37th Paris Mara
July 7 category:Marketing / Sales
Kai Bandilla Managing Partner France. Simon-Kucher Co Consultants Hervé Boutet The notion of pricing power means two capacities: to pass downstream of the upstream cost increases, and the pilot's request by the price. For spring, Michelin announced a
July 2 category:Marketing / Sales
Regulation balances changed on 1 January 2015. The winter sales in 2015 will be held on Wednesday January 7 to Tuesday, February 17 (exceptions DOM, TOM, Meurthe et Moselle, Meuse, Moselle, Vosges). Julian tromeur- Shopping The balances are suddenly
June 4 category:Marketing / Sales
Consumers want primarily regulated prices on necessities DR Regulated prices for some products (46%), limiting fees for access to housing (43%) and "Made in France" products (42%). This is the trifecta of French consumer priorities. To get
May 29 category:Marketing / Sales
Hal'shop on 1 100% halal supermarket in Paris 20th (opened in 2010) S.Pommier DR Practitioners Muslims observing Ramadan will spend close to power in 350 million euros in France this month due to start this year on July 20, according to a study of th

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