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November 30 category:Media
Page 3 gatecrash the front of the Sun on Tuesday. Self-service That's one way to say the least original shut up the fiercest opponents of the famous page 3 of the Sun, one of the institutions of the English press that sees ask every day for decades y
November 20 category:Media
Oprah Winfrey finally turns the page of her talk show reselling them Harpo Studios. (Illustrative photo) REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni Oprah Winfrey is set to make his final farewell to Harpo Studios. It is in these places that African-American animator tu
November 17 category:Media
The news channel would have spent too much time speaking to the FN according, an analysis that does not unanimous. (Illustrative photo) AFP The BFM TV channel she gives too much speech in the National Front? In any case the charge by the C
November 7 category:Media
Enora Malagré happening behind the post alongside five media personalities. Screenshot Enora Malagré never goes unnoticed and this Friday night, it is once again expected at the turn. The host of 33 years took control his own show at 20:50 on D8. Beh
October 25 category:Media
Jean-Christophe Tortora, president of the financial newspaper La Tribune, Palais Brongiart in Paris November 29, 2013 Demarthon Release of Journalists oppose for weeks to draft Bruno Ledoux, a shareholder of everyday life, who wants t
October 24 category:Media
France Inter, who celebrated his fifty years, through a zone of turbulence. Kovarik Stability of Europe 1 and RTL, France Inter issue down, and slight decrease of RMC and France Info, then finally confirmed NRJ leadership: the radio a
October 14 category:Media
Edwy Plenel revealed the salary he receives as head of Mediapart. Screenshot LCI Edwy Plenel "earns a good living." The president and co-founder of Mediapart revealed the amount of his salary on Friday in La Mediasphere on LCI. He said levy
October 14 category:Media
Beth Newell (left) and Sarah Pappalardo (right) have infused their theatrical verve to this magazine that parodies the women's press. Peter McNerney Beyoncé told Oprah Winfrey that she was part of the Illuminati. After the success of the e-cigarette,
October 10 category:Media
France Télévisions will not broadcast the debate on 15 May on premium channels, a decision criticized by the petitioners. (Illustrative photo) Ayissi A few weeks before the European elections, some are concerned about the low coverage. A
October 3 category:Media
Open crisis behind the walls of Le Monde: Natalie Nougayrède is questioned by the wording .... Medina Natalie Nougayrède captain abandoned? More than a slingshot wind is a storm blowing through the Director of the World and the daily m
September 30 category:Media
Two assistant to the Director of the World editors have left office. Dufour Vincent Giret and Michel Guerrin, the two Deputy Director of the World, Natalie Nougayrède, left their functions, while the daily cross a major social conflict,
September 29 category:Media
Cyril Hanouna already presents the show The Man from the Diner's Club in the morning on Europe 1. dr In a statement Monday, Europe 1 has confirmed a rumor that had been circulating for several weeks: Cyril Hanouna already host of the station, replace
September 25 category:Media
The World shareholders appointed Gilles Van Kote as Director ad interim. (Illustrative photo) Dufour World shareholders, Pierre Bergé, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse, announced the appointment of Gilles Van Kote journalist at the newsp
September 19 category:Media
Twin brothers Igor (G) and Grishka Bogdanov, August 31, 2004 in Paris Janin The Bogdanov brothers won their defamation lawsuit Monday against Marianne, who had published excerpts from a report of the CNRS and several articles vitriolic
September 18 category:Media
Laurence Bloch became head of France Inter DR "Laurence Bloch will succeed Philippe Val today," the direction of France Inter on Thursday announced the new boss of Radio France Group, Mathieu Gallet. Laurence Bloch was already deputy direct
September 10 category:Media
A fervent opponent of the FN, the singer had expressed his "anger" in music, he confided his disgust BFMTV. Screenshot After the European elections, Yannick Noah had a rude awakening. Frowning, crestfallen, the disgusted look, the singer to
September 9 category:Media
Retransmission of the landing commemoration ceremonies at a price, that news agencies can not pay. © Regional Council of Basse-Normandie / US National Archives The duty of memory is important, but at what price? Tens of millions of viewers could be d
September 6 category:Media
Bassem Youssef, "tired" to come under pressure, announced the end of her talk show. Screenshot Nicknamed "The Jon Stewart Egyptian" Bassem Youssef déridait millions of viewers by making fun of the actors in the political life of h
September 1 category:Media
Antoine de Caunes will re-enlist with a full reconstruction team DR Despite rumors, Canal + has renewed Antoine de Caunes commands to the Grand Journal in the coming year. In recent weeks, Maïtena Biraben was approached to take the place of the moder
August 30 category:Media
Al Jazeera Sport incriminates TF1 and down a tone. Guyot Accused by a large number of TV operators want to cut the World Cup cock in Brazil, not releasing pictures of dating extracts for asylum channels in the Right to Information, off

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