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November 26 category:Movie
Patema Inverted, Yasuhiro Yoshiura. © Yasuhiro Yoshiura / Sakasama Film Committee Weightlessness is not a guarantee of lightness. In a world cut in two, where people from above and those below are living in an inverted gravity, Patema discovers the p
November 26 category:Movie
The Monuments Men, George Clooney. Here John Goodman George Clooney, Matt Damon. © 20th Century Fox The choice of arts is one that makes George Clooney for this fifth film back (but still before, too) the camera. With The Monuments Men, he embarks on
November 25 category:Movie
Monuments to men once will not hurt, George Clooney is surrounded by his friends. 20th Century Fox Grant Heslov: Partner They met on the benches of a theater course there almost thirty years. Heslov Clooney lent money to his first portraits. Grant He
November 24 category:Movie
The Monuments Men. A cast in gold, a promo of concrete and a movie ... missed. © 20th Century Fox The clocks will need to arrive on time. It will therefore better said: finally, The Three Brothers, the return will be more or less as many entries as T
November 17 category:Movie
In The Canyons, a daring story, Bret Easton Ellis is no half measures in his first attempt. Screenshot YouTube The cult author of Generation X has written seven books in thirty years- four were brought to the screen. With The Canyons, directed by Pau
November 12 category:Movie
A new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past was unveiled Monday. screen capture Youtube They are back again. A new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past was unveiled Monday. New images from those disclosed last October: Bryan Singer understands the
November 12 category:Movie
With all our strength, Nils Tavernier. Here Héraud Fabien, Jacques Gamblin. © Guy Ferrandis Handicap ou pas cap? A teenager wheelchair revives his father, hitherto conspicuously absent, insisting they fit in tandem Triathlon Ironman Nice. Taste of Co
November 3 category:Movie
The cream of the cream, Kim Chapiron. Here, Alice Isaaz, Jean-Baptiste Lafarge, Thomas Blumenthal. © David Verlant After the amazing and powerful Sheitan Dog Pound Kim Chapiron decrypts the morals of students in business schools. Desiring to make the
November 1 category:Movie
Alice Isaaz is on track to be the next female revelation in the line of Adèle Exarchopoulos. Screenshot YouTube Yesterday Alice Isaaz is one of those lucky ones to whom fate has met the seventh art without just be predestined. "I did a science g
October 28 category:Movie
The good life, John Denizot. In theaters April 9. © Chrysalis Films A fiction inspired by Fortin, the true story of a father who kidnapped her two son for over ten years. It is always difficult to process a news without falling into the trap of recon
October 24 category:Movie
The poster of the 67th Cannes Film Festival has finally been unveiled. Screenshot Twitter At Last! BFMTV unveiled Tuesday the poster of the 67th Cannes Film Festival, to be held from 14 to 25 May. Designed by graphic artist Gilles Frappier, she was c
October 23 category:Movie
Need for Speed ​​is far from being in the shadow of Fast and Furious franchise. © Constantin Film Verleih GmbH V as speed The whole point of the movie is there, as well as the title suggests, meaning "Need for Speed" in French. There is tal
October 22 category:Movie
Tom the farm. Xavier Dolan (r.) Takes the stage in a squeaky thriller. © C. Palardy In 2028, perhaps they will say it is a filmmaker dolanien. Surely, moreover, as Xavier Dolan seems to last, who acquired over an entire movie devoted to building insu
October 21 category:Movie
The actress Oscar for doubling Boys Do not Cry and Million Dollar Baby has for some years one through the desert. The biopic Amelia Earhart it produced was not successful. The Homesman could put it back in the saddle. Reuters Tommy Lee Jones was born
October 11 category:Movie
The director Gérard Oury alongside his partner Michèle Morgan, and daughter, the director Danièle Thompson, March 1, 2000 AFP With seventeen films he directed, Gérard Oury has attracted over 68 million viewers in theaters. What attract Google's atten
October 9 category:Movie
The first steps of Bob Hoskins big screen date back to 1972 in Up the Front. REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch The career of Bob Hoskins was launched in 1972. The actor has decided to suspend in 2009 as suffering from Parkinson's disease. He died on Wednesda
October 6 category:Movie
All over the world, fans of Star Wars celebrated their favorite saga, more than a year before the release of a seventh episode. Reuters / Zoubeir Souissi If you do not know, you're certainly not a Jedi, not even a huge fan of the Star Wars saga: this
September 27 category:Movie
"In the picture, there is no better than Cannes opening" will be glad at Gaumont. © SquareOne / Universum Every year it's the same circus. More or fewer stars on the track. With varying plume in the show. For one day in May, TVs, radios and
September 26 category:Movie
Nicole Kidman at Cannes on Wednesday at the premiere of the film by Olivier Dahan "Grace of Monaco". Langlois Behold the Grace of Monaco, the film waited like a princess and preceded by a beautifully prefabricated controver
September 23 category:Movie
Winter Sleep was screened in competition at Cannes this May 16 Private Cannes, Friday, May 16, 2:20 p.m.. Outdoor temperature: 25 °. Sweat rate: 20% So it is time to join the Palais des Festivals for the screening of Winter Sleep, the film of the Tur

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