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November 29 category:Policy Areas
Former Sports Minister David Douillet Judo and big messes in Rouen right. Reuters David Douillet is again talking about him in the capital of Normandy. The former judoka, Norman origin, is invited in the squabble of the Rouen right. And not necessari
August 26 category:Policy Areas
In the wake of municipal Saurel Philippe was elected head of the agglomeration as he had advocated non-cumulation. David Maugendre / Fish Eye / Andia The president has changed bearing. While Georges Freche and Jean-Pierre Moure, his predecessors at M
December 11 category:Policy Areas
Georges Freche, accompanied by some of his "Great men of the twentieth" Mao, Roosevelt, Lenin, Churchill, Jean Jaurès, and De Gaulle. Reuters Your Currency "Live every moment of his life, at peace with oneself, to be able to die at any
November 14 category:Policy Areas
Christophe Gaillard, FN list for municipal Nevers DR His references? François Mitterrand "for his side strategist" and Pierre Beregovoy, the two tutelary figures of the left in the Nièvre. His party? The National Front. Find the error ... C
November 10 category:Policy Areas
Everyone is struck, "He is happier and fulfilled than ever" (here, Francois Bayrou in his office in City Hall, facing the Pyrenees). Philippe Grollier / Pasco and co L'Express It is a scene that Bayrou would dream to erect a symbol. "I
November 1 category:Policy Areas
The first deputy mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, will try to succeed Bertrand Delanoë. afp.com/Patrick Kovarik In his local campaign, she arrived early. As always. Wearing a tricolor almost matching decoration made of flat color, Anne Hidalgo tells his
October 31 category:Policy Areas
Razzy Hammadi already working at a rally with the EELV lists and Left Front in the second round. AFP Since yesterday, the montreuillois political microcosm is agitated by a survey released by TNS Sofres / Sopra Group. According to this, the related c
October 11 category:Policy Areas
Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet took the debate on Sunday working to evoke its economic ambitions for Paris. i> Télé The UMP candidate in the municipal of Paris does not count "generalize" Sunday working in the capital. Rather, it would consi
September 28 category:Policy Areas
Cécile Duflot wants to entrust the urban planning authorities to intermunicipal. Mayors are headwind! afp.com/Eric Feferberg This is an example of the seemingly technical measure that masks a major challenge for the French. The government wants to tr
September 10 category:Policy Areas
Anne Hidalgo and NKM: just days before the first round, the traffic on campaign sites and social networks increases significantly. REUTERS Parisians finally they would be interested in the campaign for municipal? Will fewer voters than expected? The
September 8 category:Policy Areas
About 2,000 trucks are at a standstill on the Saint Jean de Luz-Bordeaux motorway near Spanish frontier, February 29, 2004 in Hendaye, south western France. Commercial traffic is backed up on the motorway, After a heavy snowfall in Spain. REUTERS / R
September 4 category:Policy Areas
François Hollande and Bernard Poignant know since 1984. The first instructed the second to make it up the moods of public opinion. Here in Quimper, in April. JS Evrard / afp Friday, February 15. Quimper is dazzling in the sun, almost white, bright su
August 30 category:Policy Areas
Socialist candidate in Montreuil, Razzy Hammadi has obtained the rallying of a figure of ecology, Bruno Rebelle, former director of Greenpeace France. AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK In Montreuil, ecologist electorate is courted ... Socialist candidate i
August 6 category:Policy Areas
Yvon Robert, the outgoing mayor (PS) of Rouen, here supported by the Socialist ministers Valérie Fourneyron and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, faces a tight opposition in the municipal elections of 2014. CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP Candidates in municipal elect
August 5 category:Policy Areas
Marie-Claire Carrere-Gee, Paris councilor, vice-president of the UMP group in the Council of Paris. Here, with NKM "I Nathalie support, but I will be a candidate." A. GUIZARD / NEWS PICTURES 1. The division of the right Hardly declared oppo
July 14 category:Policy Areas
The National Assembly adopted the new map of France in 13 regions. AFP / Philippe Huguen MEPs adopted on Wednesday the first part of the territorial reform that includes a new map of France with 13 regions and the postponement of departmental and reg
July 9 category:Policy Areas
David Rachline and Manuel Andrino Lobo (3rd from left), leader of a Spanish fascist group. DR Despite the young age of David Rachline -26 years-, past the FN candidate Fréjus town is invited in the final stretch of the campaign. An old photo of him h
July 1 category:Policy Areas
Down 2.5% year on year, the average rent for a studio in Rouen amounts to € 384. Flickr / zigazou76 / http://www.flickr.com/photos/zigazou76/ What good is becoming a mayor without money? In Rouen, the winner of the municipal election will be faced wi
June 28 category:Policy Areas
Jean-Paul Huchon risk of his election invalidated for a poster campaign conducted in September 2009. REUTERS / Thomas Samson What is wrong with Jean-Paul Huchon? A poster campaign conducted from September 7 to 20, 2009. On these boards, Parisians cou
June 26 category:Policy Areas
The outgoing Socialist Mayor Martine Aubry, victorious in Lille but threatening to the mother. afp.com/Philippe Huguen Re-elected with 52.06% of the vote in Lille triangular, Martine Aubry welcomed "a beautiful victory," without hiding his

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