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November 30 category:Political
The case of recordings made by Patrick Buisson splashes foremost one who promoted him in the first circle of power, Nicolas Sarkozy, who allowed himself to be fooled by "a small militia," say many columnists. afp.com/Lionel Bonaventure, Mig
November 28 category:Political
Former Prime Minister Francois Fillon does not mince words in the columns of Le Parisien. afp.com/Pierre Andrieu François Fillon responded to cases that were revealed this week in the press and that affect the UMP. The former prime minister said in a
November 28 category:Political
The President of the National Assembly Claude Bartolone February 19, 2014 in the Chamber afp.com/Pierre Andrieu Eavesdropping of conversations with his lawyer Nicolas Sarkozy are legal, according to the president of the National Assembly Claude Barto
November 27 category:Political
Hervé Morin, the case that shakes Nicolas Sarkozy "looks like a legal scandal." REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes Haro on justice. The case of tapping of telephone conversations between Nicolas Sarkozy and his lawyer "like a judicial scandal a
November 27 category:Political
Several hypotheses exist about the origin of the sources of leakage of sound recordings of Patrick Buisson, a former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy. His son assured not to be the author of the leak. Screenshot Canal + Family Buisson washes his dirty line
November 26 category:Political
Manuel Valls was not aware Listens Nicolas Sarkozy on February 26 along Christiane Taubira and Jean-Marc Ayrault. This is certainly what the interior minister said Wednesday morning. afp.com/Martin Office Manuel Valls knew ... but he knew by the pres
November 26 category:Political
Dominique de Villepin, September 13, 2013 in Paris. afp.com/Joel Saget A working day for 100,000 euros bonus? According to the website of the conservative Daily Telegraph, citing unidentified at the Foreign Ministry sources, Dominique de Villepin con
November 23 category:Political
Cécile Duflot has provided strong support to Christiane Taubira (here in November 2013), the opposition demanded the resignation. Beyond the EELV Minister of Housing, the government and the PS seem to finally have found a way against attack. REUTERS
November 20 category:Political
The peak pollution has forced the authorities to take drastic measures, such as alternating traffic. AFP / BERTRAND GUAY / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD Paris, March 17, We had to resign ourselves to leave Paris as the air we breathe it was flawed, pungent and
November 18 category:Political
Arnaud Montebourg is "one of the best defender of plants that France has ever known," according to the new plant. MARTIN BUREAU / AFP Arnaud Montebourg? "The best defender of plants that France has experienced over the last terms of of
November 17 category:Political
"A beautiful encounter" between Nicolas Sarkozy and Brigitte Kuster, "totally coincidental," said the mayor of the 17th district of Paris and a candidate for re-election. brigitte_kuster Brigitte Kuster, mayor of the 17th arrondis
November 15 category:Political
Nicolas Sarkozy and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, 10 February 2014. REUTERS / Charles Platiau "Stasi." If one word should be retained from the tribune Nicolas Sarkozy wrote in Le Figaro on Thursday night, it will undoubtedly be one. By bringi
November 13 category:Political
A woman takes a picture of a sign of the municipal elections, on the plateau of France 3 Sud, 19 March 2014. afp.com/Pascal Pavani The turnout in the first round of municipal amounted Sunday 17h to 54.72% in France, announced the Ministry of Interior
November 13 category:Political
Alain Juppé, Bordeaux 20 March 2014. REUTERS / Regis Duvignau He had been quiet in Paris ... ... And its success in Bordeaux will propel it to the front of the media scene. Now is the time Juppé. The former prime minister is widely re-elected. Two da
November 12 category:Political
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy will soon be the guest of Ellen DeGeneres. afp.com/Jens Kalaene Carla Bruni will be the guest of Ellen DeGeneres Show, on NBC in April. Ellen DeGeneres, comedian and former star of TV series, popped the screen at the last Academy
November 12 category:Political
Francois Hollande 21 March 2014 in Brussels. afp.com/Alain Jocard Paris, March 24 The atmosphere of the Court is gloomy: I address this letter to you, my dear and tender, after the defeat of the king's party. It is now portrayed as stunned, inert, si
November 11 category:Political
The Justice Minister Christiane Taubira leaves the Elysee Palace in Paris, March 12, 2014 afp.com/Alain Jocard .The Last elect of the UMP in La Grande-Motte longer speak of her as the re-elected mayor, Stéphan Rossignol. Montpellier Journal revealed
November 11 category:Political
The brothers enemies of the UMP in the second round in Noumea (illustration photo). afp.com/Franck Fife In Noumea (97 000), one of two major cities in the French Pacific, brothers enemies of the UMP appeared reconciled to the second round! Faced with
November 4 category:Political
Prime Minister Manuel Valls and President Francois Hollande at the exit of the Cabinet April 4, 2014 at the Elysee afp.com/Lionel Bonaventure The appointment of Manuel Valls has not become very clear ... Francois Hollande, far from it He would have p
November 3 category:Political
The new Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. afp.com/Alain Jocard After the resignation of Jean-Marc Ayrault, Hollande charged Monday Manuel Valls to form "a combat government." Its passage place Beauvau, from 2012 to 2014, was marked by man's suc

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