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November 15 category:Restaurants
L'Instant, the temporary restaurant run by Jean-François Trap is located in the basement of the pop-up store Mercedes. Courtesy of Mercedes Benz Avenue George V in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the automaker Mercedes-Benz had the idea to open a po
October 9 category:Restaurants
This is the rue Campagne-Première in Paris (XIV). Courtesy of The The 7: the winning number of the rue Campagne-Première. Between his topped with white furniture, a central service and all wood fixtures ball, this bistro lucky balance a little backsp
October 2 category:Restaurants
Hai Kai restaurant in Paris on canal Saint-Martin. Courtesy of Hai Kai It was touching to be with our friends foodies is that they never lose appetite. When they were little, they shoved you into the tail of the cantoche to be the prem's rounding up
September 26 category:Restaurants
Canon restaurant in Nice. Stephane Lavoue / PASCO Nestled in a bay where the angels have flown less than mortars -the ruins of the castle on the hill Nice still resonate -, this is a gun that does not want you hurt. Better, in the category of most vi
June 25 category:Restaurants
The restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, dressed by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku. Pierre Monetta No mercy for Alain Ducasse. The world-leader with 18 Michelin stars had just reopen the Plaza Athénée in summer it was already renamed for the wi
December 21 category:Restaurants
Restaurant Far © Etienne Eymard-Duvernay / Alpac While Alain Ducasse (even him!) Sells off the black truffle at cost in some of his Parisian restaurants, you will always grater expensive prices in Courchevel. Toque a little loudmouth who has lost nei
December 21 category:Restaurants
The Eclectic is located in the Beaugrenelle shopping center in Paris (15th). DR At the bow of the new Beaugrenelle shopping ship is waiting for the newest member of the band Bon (Paris XVI) and Ma cocotte (flea Saint-Ouen). A bench scale docked at th
December 18 category:Restaurants
Japanese sushi accompanied by ginger. Camille Millerand for Express Styles Sumo template shaved bad boy at Kitano, stage name sharpened as the huge blades that twirls with fingering Samurai ... It imposes Taku. This colossus of Japanese gastronomy, f
December 17 category:Restaurants
How is this béarnaise house after the departure of Stéphane Carrade? Very well, thank you. DR Put yourself in the place of Alexander Paget. Chez Ruffet you assisted Stéphane Carrade for six years, one of the most advanced of the great Southwest toque
December 9 category:Restaurants
Cafes and brasseries, these restaurants have given their name to literary prizes. We tested the dishes at Café de Flore, Lipp to Editors at Wepler at the Closerie des Lilas, the Dome and the Deux Magots. William Beaucardet for L'Express Styles / DR C
December 6 category:Restaurants
Rustic table, local produce at Agua, Nice. DR There are too many bars and Breton lobster on the tables of the Riviera not to be moved to a new bistro that spawn only with the local shell, one block from the Old Port. Bay of Angels, the fault of Sanre
December 5 category:Restaurants
RESTAURANT - The leader Olivier Samin offers an airy and exotic cuisine. DR Seven years with Anne-Sophie Pic make a resume. The second you forge a leader. And Olivier Samin has decided to cross the Rhone towards the Ardèche and its pretty charms to i
December 4 category:Restaurants
RESTAURANT - Cyril Glémot offers 250 wines to associate with his dishes. DR No, no missing "u" in the baptismal name of the campaign table prepared by the chef Cyril Glémot at the crossroads of cairanne names, rasteau and plan-de-god. Slope
December 3 category:Restaurants
O'Quotidien is a small organic establishment offering crates of fruits and vegetables and other natural products to its customers. DR In another life, Carlo and Laura were engaged in Italian design, Alexander the New York consulting. The trio has sin
December 3 category:Restaurants
A restaurant serving regional cuisine. DR Homecoming for the country's children. After globe-trotted from the arm Aubrac up Fringale, San Francisco, Aurélien Crosato installed fifteen covered in very rough part of a working shop. Chuck steak, lamb an
November 29 category:Restaurants
An address that we oscillate between positive surprises and cold sweats. The Gourman'Dinent / DR Christophe Wernet has foraged at François Clerc and Thierry Burlot then toured the world before electing the terrace under the trees overlooking the harb
November 27 category:Restaurants
Building on the success of the show, the temporary restaurant where candidates Top Chef succeed kitchen will remain open until 9 July. Alcazar The temporary restaurant participants from Top Chef had to close May 15 But thanks to the success of the pr
November 19 category:Restaurants
The former second Michel Rostang opened his own house. Talent is scathing, even if recognition is not forthcoming. DR The first time was on April 22, a few days after opening. What will we learn? Sumptuous roasted prawns with green asparagus, served
November 18 category:Restaurants
A restaurant where one can only feel good. DR French, mad'éo (Breton) means all is well. For us, that's for sure, but how can this young out a table so fresh cuisine price if riquiqui? Probably by requiring entry noon and two dessert dishes to choose
November 17 category:Restaurants
A new age pizzeria, minimalist and reasonably trend. DR The Oberkampf-Popincourt neighborhood has quickly dried her tears after the closure of Caravanserai. Instead of this lovely Turkish canteen pushed a new era pizzeria, minimalist and reasonably t

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