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September 15 category:Scenes
Daphnis and Chloe, Ravel, reviewed by choreographer Benjamin Millepied. Jean-Paul Guilloteau / L'Express This evening, the fans were waiting for a long time, and even at the turn. She had to convince them that the latest works by Benjamin Millepied,
September 15 category:Scenes
Installation called "strange city" Russian artists Ilya and Emilia Kabako presented at the Grand Palais in Paris, May 7, 2014 on the occasion of the 6th edition of Monumenta. of Sakutin Investing the Grand Palais: this is t
December 20 category:Scenes
Demaison escapes the Gaiety Theatre. DR Did you have players in your teenager's bedroom posters? I had a poster of Belmondo and I run somehow behind this career. I'm not a star as he was, but I hope one day ... Since that time, and even little, I dre
December 15 category:Scenes
The False Confessions of Marivaux, the Odeon Theatre of Europe, until March 23, with Isabelle Huppert. Andrieu Before renting, as it should, the vast Isabelle Huppert, evacuate the things that annoy. The staging of these False Confessi
December 10 category:Scenes
Vincent Deniard and Elodie Navarre in a dramatic and funny comedy ... So British! Patrick Berger / ArtComArt Unemployment, factory closures, job insecurity, all on rugby background and courageous England ... It is in this context that Clement Koch is
December 6 category:Scenes
Yao Eby DR A figure springs from the shadows, radiates light, advances, delivering a drawing of a body that breathes and moves to the rhythm of the steps. Hidden behind a mask for forty years, dancer and actor Shiro Daimon staged shows where Japan an
November 30 category:Scenes
André Dussollier and Niels Arestrup in Diplomacy Cyril Gely Dunnara Meas / DR Fresh dawn in Paris, Dawn of Apocalypse yet. In August 25, 1944, expenses are ready and the identified targets: the capital will tear explosions, bridges and monuments will
November 30 category:Scenes
Photo taken on 18 January 2011 at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. Illustration. AFP PHOTO LOIC VENANCE It's an odd play, amazing, abundant and dark. It all ends in court and everything starts all floors of a Berlin building, in the era of the so-ca
November 28 category:Scenes
This year, the number of scheduled performances from 45 to 33. R. Etcheverry Heirs of the famous competition Bagnolet, which revealed what was the "New French Dance", International Choreographic Encounters of Seine-Saint-Denis were born in
November 27 category:Scenes
LONDON - OCTOBER 02: Writer, Alan Bennett arrived at the UK Film Premiere of "The History Boys" at the Odeon West End, Leicester Square on October 2, 2006 in London, England. (Photo by MJ Kim / Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Alan Benne
November 24 category:Scenes
SCENES - The four circus, qualified of "intellectuals" in school, now wield absurd humor brilliantly. I. Mosjoukine 1. A great shape. At the entrance of the room, each viewer receives a plug 78 "notes", as many skits illustrated f
November 23 category:Scenes
Quadrille of Sacha Guitry Anne Nordmann - Emmanuel Murat - Richard Schroeder 1. This is THE comic hit of the season, directed by Bernard Murat at its best. Everything is there: the mind, cattiness, enchantment, disenchantment, good mood, bad faith, t
November 23 category:Scenes
Representation of political parody "Now I have understood you" Concorde theater in Amman, September 2, 2011 In Amman, Jordan, now I have understood you, a political parody, fills the theater Concorde week after week, enabling Jordan
November 22 category:Scenes
AVIGNON 2012. Palais des Papes. Avignon. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier The Avignon Festival, annual celebration of theater, on Saturday hit three shots from his 2012 edition honored with several British designers such as associate artist, Simon McBur
November 21 category:Scenes
Russian ballet dancers from the world famous "Bolshoi Theatre" of Moscow perform "Giselle" in Bucharest late June 15, 2001. The Bolshoi is Europeean tower was marking 225th anniversary ict. Reuters Vahe Martirosyan, Arman Grigorya
November 19 category:Scenes
Photo taken May 31, 2005 in Lyon Célestins theater, which reopened June 1, 2005 after two years of work. This is the theater in Europe's most modern Italian, thanks to its new scenery changing device that replaces the old drum system against weight.
November 17 category:Scenes
Robert Wilson - Samuel Beckett Oh beautiful days with Adriana Asti rst World - Grand Th ?? be, Luxembourg Luciano Romano Usually, Bob Wilson, star of the boards if any, will spawn in Paris with the Odeon, the theater of the city or the Comédie-French
November 16 category:Scenes
The legendary American boxer Mike Tyson will debut on stage in Las Vegas in April and hopes to continue with a tour in New York and London Polk The legendary American boxer Mike Tyson will debut on stage in Las Vegas. Former champ
November 16 category:Scenes
Pauline Guard, Sophie and Pauline Bricaire Vauballon in Fraulein Else. Alejandro Guerrero The scenery is idyllic. The scene takes place in a spa nestled in the Alps. This is where Viennese high society just killing time. But the apparent tranquility
November 15 category:Scenes
AVIGNON FESTIVAL 2012. Contracts Merchant, written before the crisis and resumed at Avignon. D.Baltzer / Bildbuhene.DE This is a mess on the stage of the imposing Thalia Theater in Hamburg: a woman, full papers mouth, shouts the words of financial ja

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