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November 22 category:Sciences
Face Australopithecus called "Litte Foot" and exhumed at Sterkfontein in South Africa Ronald Clarke From its 1.10 m and its 40 kg on the scale, Lucy, this old Australopithecus 3.2 million years is considered the grandmother of humanity sinc
November 5 category:Sciences
The heart swells astronauts in space The heart swells astronauts when they make a long stay in space. This is the finding of a study by the American College of Cardiology published in Washington this weekend. This discovery is an important
October 19 category:Sciences
Observers are shared between a meteorite and space debris. Screenshot Youtube A fireball through the Russian sky and then ... nothing. Several motorists in the Murmansk region, located in the northwest of Russia, say they have witnessed a mysterious
October 12 category:Sciences
Connected car K. Hong-Ji / Reuters At the discretion of innovative partnerships between automakers (Audi, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, PSA Peugeot Citroën etc ...) and electronic (Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc ...), the vehicle now becomes a co -pilote i
September 27 category:Sciences
Southern University of New South Wales researchers found the seed of crustaceans that lived there 17 million years. Piermont Sperm fossilized oldest ever discovered! This was found a research team from the Department of Biology Sciences,
September 13 category:Sciences
American biologist Rachel Louise Carson is being honored by Google. Screenshot Youtube It is considered an environmental symbol. American biologist Rachel Louise Carson, who would have been 107 years old on Tuesday, is being honored with a Google doo
August 21 category:Sciences
US physicists said in March have raised for the first time primordial gravitational waves, as old as the Big Bang. But they may be wrong ... REUTERS / David Aguilar "If it is confirmed, this discovery is absolutely majeure, close to a kind of ho
August 8 category:Sciences
The storm over Houston filmed by Reid Wiseman. Vine / Screenshot astro_reid has more than 135,000 Twitter followers. And because the astronaut Reid Wiseman, on board the International Space Station, post videos that make you dream. As this storm in H
July 20 category:Sciences
The crater-called "gates of hell" in the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan, May 3, 2014 Sasin A mysterious island that grows like a mushroom, a lake appeared overnight in the middle of a desert, gaping holes spontaneously dug in t
July 20 category:Sciences
Some compare it to a Pokémon, and they do not necessarily wrong ... The axolotl can regenerate only its organs. REUTERS / David Loh They inhabit lakes, seas or abyss. Some are bioluminescent, more able to regenerate their own organs or eat prey large
June 14 category:Sciences
Artistic painting represents the Siding Spring comet and the planet Mars A first in the solar system for a million years. A comet Siding Spring, a "brushed" Sunday Mars, about 136,000 km and speed of 56 km / second. At 6:27 p.m. GMT
June 8 category:Sciences
Images from NASA, we see the rocket flare just after takeoff and fall near the launch pad in a massive explosion. Reuters "There were no injuries and no member of the base personnel missing in action," warns NASA on its website. Tuesday nig
May 30 category:Sciences
The Curiosity robot, technological gem NASA photograph the surface of Mars frantically. AFP PHOTO / HO / NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS The robot laboratory Philae has "lived" a few hours to work on the surface of the comet tchouri before going
May 27 category:Sciences
Reid Wiseman Barry Wilmore and astronauts in the international space station ISS in October 2014. REUTERS / NASA / Handout 70 days in bed, head down and feet in the air. It's proof that NASA wants to undergo a panel guinea pig to test the effects on
May 22 category:Sciences
Black holes, mysterious and fascinating scientific phenomenon, explained by Nasa. Artist view. NASA / CXC / M.Weiss Black Friday (Black Friday) black hole in your wallet ... Even of the human intellect? NASA has perhaps not wanted to push the metapho
May 17 category:Sciences
At Cape Canaveral, journalists tired of waiting for the launch of Orion. REUTERS / Steve Nesius The first test flight of the Orion capsule on Thursday was delayed 24 hours by NASA due to technical defects. The firing was repeatedly delayed, first bec
May 15 category:Sciences
The Curiosity robot has already fulfilled its main mission, but it continues to explore the Red Planet. REUTERS / NASA / JPL-Caltech / Handout New discovery made with the help American robot Curiosity on Mars. "Gale Crater was a large lake spann
December 19 category:Sciences
Singer Beyonce poses at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles August 28, 2011. Beyonce and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, Will welcome Their first child next spring. REUTERS / Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT HEADSHOT SOCIETY)
December 18 category:Sciences
The French and American scientists have shown the brain of an old fish 300 million years. A world first. DR It has 300 million years and it is a fish of the family of sharks and rays ... It is the first fossil brain discovered by French scientists (N
December 12 category:Sciences
An engineer checks the cryogenic apparatus that surrounds a huge magnet of the LHC. Cern The event should be the subject of a television broadcast in French by Eurovision. After many failures and restart in December, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC La

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