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November 28 category:Shape
The final weeks of preparation for the marathon focus on recovery. Getty Images / iStockphoto A few weeks before the marathon, your training must evolve and focus on recovery. Shorten your sessions, but keep a good pace. Lighten your program, but not
November 25 category:Shape
Within one month of the Paris marathon, it is not too late to buy an activity sensor to support you in your training. REUTERS To analyze shopping or cook up custom workouts, there are many high tech accessories to hang on the wrist or applications to
November 16 category:Shape
Kit Harington is known worldwide for its interpretation of Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones series REUTERS The luxury shoemaker Jimmy Choo launch in September 2014 its first men's fragrance, simply called "Jimmy Choo Man". To promote this ex
October 29 category:Shape
Tweezers is your best ally to tweeze your eyebrows. Getty Images / iStockphoto Your eyebrows deserve special attention not to turn into virgin forest. Tweezers and small scissors are needed for efficient maintenance. Exit the monosourcil First step o
October 11 category:Shape
For your beard is softer, apply a special oil that loads moisturize and soften your hair. Getty Images / iStockphoto To avoid scratching the face of your friend in every kiss, consider soften your beard using creams and appropriate care. Over the hai
September 29 category:Shape
To relieve a jellyfish sting, consider rinse the wound with sea water. Getty Images / iStockphoto If jellyfish sting, the important thing is not to panic and to practice first aid quickly to relieve the burning sensation. Rinsing with seawater If you
September 27 category:Shape
Capoeira requires great agility to master the most acrobatic positions. Getty Images / iStockphoto To work your flexibility while learning a martial art that comes out of the box a little, test capoeira and festive musical atmosphere. Hidden behind a
August 30 category:Shape
Arriving well in advance if you want to attend one of the most popular stages of the Tour de France. REUTERS The Tour de France is a major sporting event that happens every year in the most exceptional roads of France. To see cyclists closer, go on a
August 19 category:Shape
The spornosexuel highlights its carved and developed body. Getty Images / iStockphoto Landed in 1994, the metrosexual would have found his successor: the spornosexuel. This is certainly what explains the author of two terms Mark Simpson, a journalist
August 6 category:Shape
To choose your surfboard, consider your level gauge. Getty Images / iStockphoto You have some knowledge of surfing and want to buy your own board to sweep over the waves this summer. To choose your surfboard, follow our advice. A suitable template Th
August 5 category:Shape
To relieve nettle sting, use fresh mint or vinegar. Getty Images / iStockphoto Burning and itching are the appointment of a nettle sting. Before you call for help and instead of scratching, here are our tips to relieve pain. The benefit of plants If
July 26 category:Shape
To choose your running shoes, consider your type of stride and the land on which you run. Getty Images / Blend Images The choice of a running shoe is essential to avoid having sore feet during your training, but also to stick as close to your running
July 10 category:Shape
Brushing the tongue can limit bad breath. Getty Images / iStockphoto Often overlooked, brushing the tongue yet very useful because it contains many bacteria and can cause bad breath. Fight against bad breath The bacteria do not settle on your teeth,
July 2 category:Shape
Running: all the information to calculate your heart rate. Running Heroes In running, as in many other physical activities, knowledge and management of heart rate are the keys to successful and beneficial workouts. Still have to know how to calculate
June 30 category:Shape
David Beckham was inspired by a quote from Jay-Z for his new tattoo "Dream Big, Be Unrealistic" on the right hand. © Dennis Van Tine / PHOTOSHOT / MAXPPP Big fan of tattoos, David Beckham has just unveiled a new. A phrase heard during the c
December 19 category:Shape
FORM - Beware of lip sticks containing too much wax, they accentuate the cracking of the lips. REUTERS Exit paraffin Contrary to what you think, most lip sticks are the enemy of the latter. Paraffin oil they contain enhances drying. Indeed, paraffin,
December 9 category:Shape
As Bradley Cooper, do not let the greyness of winter rub off on your mine. REUTERS The défatiguants care After a hard week of work, some insomnia or evening too watered using a refreshes care is advised for restore radiance and firmness to your face.
December 4 category:Shape
FORM - With the spinning, the bike becomes more intense and has become a great way to burn calories. REUTERS Cycling in intensive mode Music often too strong and very rhythmic, coach excited like a flea screaming encouragement to pedaling horde at th
December 3 category:Shape
FORM - Rather than go to the optician, why not try to buy your glasses online? Getty Images / Fuse Finding the Right Website To buy glasses online minimizing the risk of error, it is better to select an appropriate site. While some sites offer add yo
December 2 category:Shape
To seduce a foreign language fundamentals courtesy and side french lover. Getty Images / iStockphoto 1 - Keep your accent you could cut with a knife Do not force yourself to emulate Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral and cultivate this typical

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