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November 27 category:Society
Serge Charnay, the man who was cut last year in Nantes crane for three days and three nights to claim the right to see his child, was taken into custody Sunday morning in the Puy-de-Dôme for a new "abduction" of her son. Perry
November 26 category:Society
Sexual harassment in the army: "The mess are places of predilection for this kind of scam." Cabanis She wanted to spend her degree to become a waitress. Bad experience Mess [restaurant] Military Training Centre (MCPF) of Fonten
November 21 category:Society
Carpool, taxi, telecommuting or transport? The Express listed the alternatives to the car (illustrative photo). Samson Carpooling, telecommuting or transport? Because of the pollution peak, motorists whose car has a registration pair m
November 6 category:Society
A French resident in Switzerland was arrested late Friday afternoon on the A6 towards the capital, after being flashed to 258 km / h. Axe A French resident in Switzerland was arrested late Friday afternoon on the A6 towards the capital
November 3 category:Society
The campaign "Drop the weapon" has been extended. Screenshot To end the violence that affects Martinique, the campaign "Remove the weapons," opened on 1 February, was extended for 15 days. In two months she has recovered "307
November 1 category:Society
A sexagenarian was swept away by a shark while she was bathing in southern Australia. AFP / archives / Mustafa Ozer The Jaws struck again. A sexagenarian was swept away by a Thursday shark while swimming on the beach in Tathra, on the east coast of A
November 1 category:Society
The former member of North Christian Vanneste (ex-UMP) was released on Thursday for his homophobic held in a video in 2012 Langlois Christian Vanneste is relaxed. Former MP Northern UMP was prosecuted for complicity provocation to ha
October 30 category:Society
Philippe Brenot. According to the psychiatrist and anthropologist, torque is the primary concern of our contemporaries. © Michel Labelle for L'Express One day my prince ... The Arena, 240p, € 18.50 © The Arena He is the man who praised masturbation,
October 28 category:Society
The driving license reform commission is due to report to the Minister of the Interior on Wednesday. Several changes are expected Huguen Two years of training after obtaining the "pink paper". Here are the major changes rec
October 26 category:Society
Advanced note "isolated initatives" could "destabilize the teaching staff." Office The newspaper Le Figaro revealed on Friday a confidential note of Territorial Intelligence, on the Muslim communalism in school. Dat
October 24 category:Society
After 17 years of investigation, the Paris prosecutor requested a dismissal in the case of mad cow disease. AFP / File / Mychele Daniau A health scandal without guilty? After 18 years of investigation, the Paris prosecutor requested a dismissal in th
October 21 category:Society
"Marriage for all, equality ABCD .... It strikes our religion and that worries us," says Amar Lasfar, president of the UOIF. AFP PHOTO / JACQUES DEMARTHON The largest Muslim gathering in the western world is held at Le Bourget from Friday.
October 17 category:Society
Bernard Cazeneuve was the guest of France2 20 hours of Tuesday evening. Charles Platiau / Reuters What should the state against these young French candidates for jihad? The Minister of the Interior announced Tuesday night on France 2 the main measure
October 11 category:Society
The victim was targeted shortly after midnight in the building lobby, to the city of Savine (15th district), in the northern districts. Horvat Seventh resolution mortal accounts in Marseille. A man of 31, experienced police for drug tra
October 8 category:Society
Thrush is the floral emblem of Labor Day. Screenshot YouTube In Europe, Labour Day is celebrated with dignity on May 1st. While some French are the bridge what about other countries? An Italian labor day (very) Music In Rome, May 1, non-working day,
October 8 category:Society
Six Savoy had plans to join the jihad in Syria. AFP / Yasser Al-ZAYYAT An Algerian, 37, suspected of recruiting French to wage jihad in Syria, was deported Thursday morning. This regular resident in France, was arrested in Turkey on a bus ferrying a
October 5 category:Society
The principle of the lawyer access to the court record early in the custody of his client has been voted Tuesday in the National Assembly. Tribouillard The principle of the lawyer access to the court record early in the custody of his c
October 4 category:Society
The state of Vincent Lambert has "degraded" according to a pre-medical report requested by the Council of State.çois Nascimbeni The Vincent Lambert state of consciousness was "degraded" and brain injuries are "ir
October 2 category:Society
Foodwatch denounces legislation that allows the food industry not to be transparent about the composition of their products. REUTERS / Eric Gaillard Tell me what you put on your plate I will tell you who you are. But do we really know what's there? N
September 29 category:Society
The number of incivility would have decreased in 2014 compared to 2013, according to a TNS Sofres survey for RATP. Demarthon A little more polite on the subway. Users of public transport in Ile-de-France on average say they have witne

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