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November 25 category:Topicality
PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 13: Paris Saint-Germain fans light flares As They celebrate Their team winning the French L1 trophy and await the arrival of the PSG players for the winners parade at Trocadero Square on May 13, 2013 in Paris, France. The celebrat
November 12 category:Topicality
Television screens, TV Reuters It is in the old pots that one makes perfect. Rarely, this popular saying will have been relevant in the field of television production. US to France, it is not less than five projects in progress or already realized, w
November 10 category:Topicality
Gay parade Saturday in Paris for the 10th Gay Pride opportunity to ask candidates for the 2012 presidential election to build on the New York Senate, which recognized the right to gay marriage. Medina "Same family, same rights
November 9 category:Topicality
A cleaning company disinfects the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan had stayed before being admitted to the hospital. This is the first person from whom the virus was identified outside Africa. He died Wednesday morning in Dallas. Raedle
November 8 category:Topicality
The candidate of the anti-austerity Spanish party Podemos Teresa Rodriguez (center), March 22, 2015 in Seville after the closing of the polls in regional elections in Andalusia Lobato Sunday also voted in southern Spain, in Andalusia. An
November 6 category:Topicality
Nicolas Sarkozy defended Saturday's climbing French "against each other" by launching a debate on the place of Islam in France. The head of state spoke about the subject that divides the right and left, but glad the National Front, during a
November 1 category:Topicality
PRESSURES Jean-Pierre Elkabbach finally decided to file a complaint as a result of threats he has received. REUTERS / C. Platiau Manipulation? Tasteless joke? Gesture of an unbalanced? Jean-Pierre Elkabbach hesitated before making a complaint and mak
October 31 category:Topicality
I-Stock False. With the HP ePrint feature, simply send a document to the printer's e-mail address to start printing. And for those who are always on the go, you can download the app for smartphones and tablets (Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile)
October 31 category:Topicality
Syrian rebels fighting in Idlib province, northern Syria, on 20 March 2012. Lafargue The violence raged Thursday in Syria with the death of forty people, including ten civilians killed in a bus, despite a call from the UN Security Co
October 21 category:Topicality
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF managing director, and his collaborator Anne Hommel, after a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, May 2009. AFP PHOTO DOMINIQUE VIGER They live on the phone, all addicted to the BlackBerry. They speak at least once a
October 20 category:Topicality
Dmytro Bulatov, an active campaigner against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych who was kidnapped and tortured for a week, will be under house arrest for alleged to organize mass disorders. "They crucified me, cut me an ear and slas
October 19 category:Topicality
The trial of the commander of the Costa Concordia opens on Wednesday, after a delay due to a national strike by lawyers. Reuters / Stringer He was nicknamed by the Italian tabloids "the most destesté man in Italy" and "Captain Coward
October 18 category:Topicality
The bitcoin must overcome some defects to emerge as a credible currency but it has many strengths. REUTERS What are the benefits of a virtual currency like Bitcoin? First, bitcoin is a global currency. It is accessible in many countries worldwide. In
October 15 category:Topicality
Prime Minister Francois Fillon leaves the Elysee January 11, 2012 in Paris. Bonaventure The UMP buckled Wednesday his investiture procedure for legislative June including those ultra sensitive to Paris and its suburbs, and appointed -
October 12 category:Topicality
A Jewish wedding in Morocco (1841), by Eugène Delacroix. Louvre. Afp It was necessary to a work of such a consistency to deal with confidence as a central theme qu'épineux. A real challenge, due to the tenacity of a seasoned editor, Jean Mouttapa, an
October 11 category:Topicality
On 21 May 2011, the bikers were already showing on the Paris ring against the road safety policy of the government. Langlois Dear Eric, Saw your post titled "biker friends, you choose the wrong fight" of 10 January 2014 on
October 10 category:Topicality
The Delta IV rocket before taking off from Cape Canaveral with the Orion capsule NASA, December 4, 2014 The rocket ended up leaving. After a delay of 24 hours due to a technical fault, NASA on Friday launched its non-manned capsule Orion, the
October 10 category:Topicality
The coach Tito Vilanova has died at age 45. REUTERS / Albert Gea REUTERS / Albert Gea Blocking Ukraine remains on, especially in the east of its territory. The United States and Germany said their deep concern to Vladimir Putin as new clashes erupted
October 9 category:Topicality
Of young people engaged in "binge drinking" on the banks of the Seine. The Young people today they drink more than previous generations? On average, they consume less alcohol than twenty years ago, but they drink more timely and
October 7 category:Topicality
A man walks past election posters for Myboto, one of the 23 Declared presidential candidates for Sunday's poll, in the capital Libreville, August 22, 2009. The winner of Gabon's August 30 presidential election Will Have to tackle a stretched budget a

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