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CINEMA. Locarno Film Festival, Day 2: From Joan of Arc, the granddaughter of Elvis and Eve ... not Adam

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CINEMA.  Locarno Film Festival, Day 2: From Joan of Arc, the granddaughter of Elvis and Eve ... not Adam

LOCARNO - This is the most discreet film festival, but also one of the most glamorous, held each summer on the shores of Lake Maggiore, Locarno, a small town in Switzerland italiennevit and dreams to the rhythm of cinema. Albertalli

9 am

Since taking over the reins of Locarno, talent Olivier Père reads, the relevance of its American selection. Proof once again this year in his choice of retaining Jack & Diane Bradley Rust Gray, discovered in 2009 with The exploding girl unfortunately remained unpublished in France which revealed Zoe Kazan.

Jack & Diane's a love story between two New York teenagers. The first great love, who you think eternal, for both. The Bradley Rust Gray camera perfectly captures this thunderbolt between two young women who are total opposites, one full of innocence, the other surprise to see his heart of stone ignite. Too bad as he strives regularly to the film yarn to show the image through clumsy fantastic scenes, how the body of the most inexperienced of the two seems to change and no longer meet the call of reason. Because it unnecessarily that supporting that its two actresses play with subtlety.

And they are they also that ultimately end up making us forget these mistakes: Juno Temple (Kaboom), Wonder Woman and child Riley Keough (The Runaways), the striking charisma whose face with short hair evokes both Kirsten Stewart King and Elvis Presley. Logical because it is his little girl! Aged 23 years, we have not heard the last of it!


Discovered the excellent documentary Commissioner (quoted by Maiwenn as one of the major sources of inspiration for Poliss) co-produced with Ilan Klipper, Virgil Vernier signs with Orleans, his first feature film where reality takes a large cepenant site. As its title indicates, he chose to place his camera in the city of Orleans that precisely scans as a documentary filmmaker in the first minutes of his film while effort is poised as every year to celebrate Christmas and Jeanne Arc. Then, once posed this context, it follows the wanderings of two women of twenty dancers in a strip club.

It appears this movie 60 minutes impressed by the mastery of the tool by the film director and the force of his words even greater that it leaves the viewer free to make his own film within that he himself has imagined. Opposition between the sacred and the trivial or parallel between violence against women by male domination through the centuries, Orléans multiplies the tracks while taking the time to wander, to seize the silences, movements, glances and gestures others have forgotten to film or rise. A filmmaker born with this film. Actors as a director since its two main actresses André Brusque and Julia Auchynnikava excel in that tone at once raw and poetic which is that distilled by Vernier.

6:30 p.m.

Locarno is also heavily involved in films means. Here are two chains, signed by directors used the long format: Athina Rachel Tsangari (Attenberg which had won a prize of Interpretation in Venice at the French actress Ariane Labed here 2 years) and Jean Paul Civeyrac (including All had received the promises Prix ​​Jean Vigo) with The Capsule and Fairy Queen.

The first takes us in a mansion perched on a rock in the Cyclades where six young women from nowhere receive intensive life skills through the teaching of submission, and lack of desire. This variation around the figure of Eve and woman flirting with poetic fantasy. Very "cronenbergien" in his way of filming the bodies and using without abusing beautiful slow motion, the director finally shows more comfortable here, because much stronger and less poseuse as its feature. And actresses are in tune: Ariane Labed, Clémence Poesy and Isolda Dychauk (heroin Sokurov's Faust) in mind.

Civeyrac it revisits a classic film: the film in the film. And staged a filmmaker away in a self-destructive fascination for the actress that he directs. This classic frame Civeyrac imagined a film, he also flirts to fantasy to translate obsession. In response to a command from the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, so there runs a number of students of the place, all beginners. And shows once again the eye at once sharpened, sensitive and loving it knows lay on his performers.


Register change with Nachtlärm the German Christoph Schaub. His early images reveal a couple whose nerves are strained every night by the cries of their 9 year old son. We therefore believe embarked on a family chronicle nth to define what a combination of neglect and make a great luck petty criminal and his girlfriend one night shine a car the couple with the baby inside ! Nachtlärm turns into race- robbers chase between the couple and another man they stole the car to catch up with those who have robbed them of their child.

The characters of broken arms competition are enormously think of those who populate the films of the Coen brothers. But these are unfortunately not in control. And Nachtlärm, though friendly and often funny, suffers from some weaknesses in the interpretation and especially the scenario that misses its conclusion. Too bad because the rhythm of all holds, and especially because it allows the film again to admire the raw and delicate talent of both Alexandra Maria Lara (The Fall), the correctness of which commands admiration to every performance.

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